Fifteen young people at risk of social exclusion get their diplomas

Fifteen young people have obtained their diplomas as assistants in nurseries, gardens and garden centres thanks to the project called “Replanting the future”. This training has been [...]

Success of the First Tournament of junior 8-man football

The first Autonomous Tournament for the Selections of Junior 8-man football,which took place at the Francisco Melián stadium in Puerto del Rosario, ended with the victory of Gran Canaria [...]

Reopening of the Recovery and Preservation Centre for Marine Turtles

The Recovery and Preservation Centre for Marine Turtles in Fuerteventura has reopened to the public, in April, further to the measures taken because of the pandemic and the renovation [...]

The ambulances of the SUC become classrooms for the practical training of the future Medical Emergency Technicians

Since the month of March, about one hundred students from the course of Medical Emergency Technicians from various schools and training centres of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote [...]

Release of three Loggerhead sea turtles in Playa Blanca

The Cabildo's Council for Environmental Sustainability released, last month, three Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in Playa Blanca, in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario. Students from the CEIP Pablo Neruda school were also present for the release [...]

An entertaining activity to discover Fuerteventura's six municipalities' heritage and history

The Culture and Historical Heritage Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo is organising a fun activity open to anyone to discover the history, heritage and wonders of Fuerteventura's six municipalities. The activity is called “Treasures of Fuerteventura. A history waiting to be discovered” (Tesoros de Fuerteventura. Una historia por descubrir) and organised [...]

Closure of various sections of hiking tracks and barrancos to protect the Egyptian Vulture reproduction

In total, nine areas of hiking tracks and barrancos, have been closed temporarily to protect the reproduction of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus majorensis) during its breeding period on the island, which goes from February 15th until July 15th. This temporary closure affects [...]

How to improve the aspect of dark circles under the eyes?

The presence of circles under our eyes is undesirable, it makes us look tired and [...]

The most simple remedy against springtime lethargy

“This tiredness must be springtime lethargy”... The fact that we feel tired and without any strength in spring [...]

Nature is talking to you!

La Cueva de sal can help you combat diseases such as allergies, asthma, otitis, bronchitis, amongst others, thanks to the great capacity of salt as [...]

The streets of Fuerteventura, Calle Juanito, el cojo

It is quite strange to find in Puerto del Rosario a steep street that looks more like an alley, where the nameplate reads the name of a man who, at the time, was known as “el cojo” (the cripple). We would then wonder how difficult it would have been for that “Juanito” to walk all the way up this street [...]

Majorero vocabulary (from Fuerteventura)

Escaldón: typical Canarian dish elaborated with gofio (traditional cereal flour) and stock or milk. It is served with meat or potatoes (tonight, we will eat a nice escaldón, as we have had quite a tough day) [...]

Tales from Fuerteventura - “De Cabañuelas...”

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the “cabañuelas”, which, like the “aberruntos”, were used by the Majorero (people from Fuerteventura) to predict the future, and in this instance [...]

Sexual violence and porn

With porn, you constantly need more stimulation to be able to climax. You need to see things that are harder, dirtier, and there are no limits... because you know that hardcore contents are just there [...]

Jonay Cabrera González – Canarian poet

“Poetry enables me to describe what I really feel” [...]

FUNTEAC – Association of support for people suffering from a neurodevelopmental disorder

“We want to create a family support, a space where families can get together and share their knowledge” [...]

The indigenous essence of the Majorero gastronomy

The first populations of Fuerteventura arrived halfway through the first millennium BC from North Africa, they were the Berber. They were livestock farmers, fishermen and shellfish catchers, and they grew vegetables. Cooking on the island was based on fishing and sheep breeding [...]

The month starts with the Moon in Waxing Crescent Phase

May is the last month of Spring and we are heading towards the longer, warmer nights of Summer. In April the island was graced with some rain and it was beautiful to see the wild flowers appearing along the country roads [...]

The importance of beauty in decoration

Decorating hotels with the objective of providing physical and mental relaxation through the senses is the key to success. Luxury is a concept that has become more abstract over the past decade. Luxury is clean and pure air, crystal clear water, noble materials, soft textures to the touch [...]