The athlete Esperanza Barreras becomes double champion of Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard

The athlete from the CD Onexe club of Corralejo, Esperanza Barreras, has become double World [...]

Announcement of the grants for the development of fishing and maritime initiatives on the island

The Cabildo, with the Group of Coastal Action of Fuerteventura, has announced the opening of the [...]

The Fablas Reading Club of Fuerteventura celebrates its sixth anniversary

The Fablas Reading Club, promoted by the Culture Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo with the Island [...]


InterviewEsther Hernández – Mayor of Tuineje

Ester Hernández is the new mayor of Tuineje and she is so young that it is hard to believe that she has [...]


InterviewBlas Acosta – President of Fuerteventura's Cabildo

We met with the president of the Cabildo, Blas Acosta so that he could address Fuerteventura's [..]

Bath of Himalaya salt, look after yourself!

The Himalaya salt contains 84 minerals and oligo-elements such as zinc, calcium, [...]

Marine bacteria as precursors for biofuel for planes

Reducing the impact of our carbon print is one of the main preoccupations of [...]

Strengthen your immune system to prevent a cold

Cough, cold, hoarseness, have you suffered from one of those this winter already? [...]

What do we talk about when we talk of inclusive language…

Language is a social creation and as such it reflects the social situation which we live in, especially [...]

Padilla Supermercados-Spar exceeded their expectations during their annual Christmas gala

Year after year, the Majorero business keeps to its commitment to celebrate a dinner where more than [...]

Saving without realising it: tips to get over the post-Christmas crunch

Once Christmas is over, we have to face the famous post-Christmas crunch. It is the most difficult [...]

The true story of the Three Kings

As in every year, the 6th January is a magical day for millions of children who eagerly await the [...]

The British pass on football to the Canarians

The Canarian media at the time wasn't showing much interest in sports in general and there were very [...]

Christmas legends (2)

The word Christmas is a synonym of party, joy, family, friends and presents. Each country [...]

“Luxurious and comfortable interiors”

With winter in full flow, new textures become more [...]

This new year 2020 brings us the beautiful sky of the winter

Orion, the mythical hunter always accompanied by his faithful dogs. Not far from there, our [...]

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