JuevArte: a space that integrates nature and natural products with art and durability

The summer activities of AVANFUER included Juevarte. An initiative created by the members of the project [...]

Padilla Supermercados - SPAR inaugurate a new shop in Costa Calma

The third establishment recently inaugurated in Costa Calma (C/ Punta Los Molinillos, Esq. C/Risco Blanco, local 8) [...]

Success of the awareness and cleaning day on the coast of Cofete

The day started with an introduction of the members of the DIMBE Association of Women from Mauritania [...]

The Escanfraga Trail 2019 will take place in September

The race will take place on 28th September in three modalities: 11 km Trail, 28 km [...]

Young people with physical and sensorial disabilities will get support for their integration in the working environment

The Social Wellbeing Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo is financing an innovative project of social [...]

The Big Blue boat from Fuerteventura wins the 10th Tournament of Deep Sea fishing Cicar Amarilla Marina in Tenerife

The Big Blue boat, from Fuerteventura, won the tenth edition of the Deep Sea Fishing Tournament Cicar [...]

Tran Tran has been making people laugh for nine years in Fuerteventura

Over 20.000 people are expected in the streets, squares, avenues and the beach of Gran Tarajal from 13th to 15th [...]

The majorero Darwin Echeverry is a great relay specialist during the European Championship for the National Selections

The Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz in Poland was the venue last August for the European championship for the [...]

Beginning of the second phase of the archaeological excavation of the cave of Villaverde

The second phase of the archaeological excavations in the Cave of Villaverde has started. This site has [...]

Van Broeckhoven and Sarah-Quita Offringa winners of the World Windsurf Championship of Fuerteventura

The Belgian athlete Steven Van Broeckhoven won his first official PWA championship by winning the final [...]




  • FEAGA Fuerteventura 2019
  • FEAGA Fuerteventura 2019
  • FEAGA Fuerteventura 2019
  • FEAGA Fuerteventura 2019

InterviewDomingo Juan Jiménez –
Mayor of Puerto del Rosario

The new mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Juan Jiménez, allowed us some time in his busy schedule to tell us [..]


InterviewJosé Juan Cabrera and Inma Marrero –
Association Mas Ruines que Caín

The association's president Juan José Cabrera and his right hand Inma Marrero [..]

A different way to look after yourself!

In a salt cave that has a halotherapy system, we can breathe deeper, clean the breathing system and [...]

The efficiency of seawater in cases of nasal cavity infections

Many scientific studies confirm that using seawater, either as a unique treatment or [...]

Sweat: a lifesaver and a way of communicating

Sweating is unpleasant during the warm summer months, but don't get mad with this [...]

Advice to reduce plastic in our daily lives

A few simple changes that can change the environment [...]


The eighth island: La Graciosa

A paradise where asphalted roads don't exist. ....

What do we talk about when some try to give a negative connotation to the word feminism?

Feminist movements are hardly two centuries' old. The vote for women ...

The split heart of Araguy

We go back to the past... to the pre-hispanic era, to the area of the barranco of La Verdellada in [...]

White and Black

Black is the colour of elegance by excellence. It gives a special touch of [...]

The last month of summer

September is the last month of summer and at the same time it starts autumn, which this year [...]

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