Development of a Strategic Plan to prevent marine waste

The deputy president and councillor for Environmental Sustainability, Lola García, and the Tourism Councillor [...]

Workers of the Plan of Employment of Ecology Transition (PETE) complete a dozen initiatives

Fuerteventura's Cabildo expressed his gratefulness for the work carried out by the unemployed people who took part over the [...]

Study for the adaptability of hiking tracks to adapt them for people with functional diversity

The Cabildo has initiated a study to evaluate the level of adaptability of the hiking tracks' network to adapt them for people with functional diversity [...]

The Windmill of La Charca is ready to be rehabilitated as a museum

After years of being in a poor state of preservation, the popular Windmill (Molina) of La Charca in Puerto del Rosario, where most of the island's grain used to be ground [...]

The students of the “PFAE Fuerteventura se construye” work on the Ecomuseum of La Alcogida and Casa Doctor Mena

The fifteen student-workers of the Alternate Training Employment Programme “PFAE Fuerteventura se construye” initiated by the island's Cabildo [...]

“La tarta de manzana es arte” launches the advertising campaign created by the students of Fuerteventura's Art School

“La tarta de manzana es arte” (apple pie is art) and “El bocadillo de pollo es un chollo” (chicken sandwich is a bargain) are the slogans of the two advertisements created by the students [...]

The Health department fits televisions in each room of the General Hospital

The Management of the Health Services in Fuerteventura is completing the fitting of televisions in the rooms of Fuerteventura's General Hospital [...]

How to treat electrosensitivity (II)

To rid ourselves of the electromagnetic radiations that our body has [...]

Solutions against sunburn

Sunbathing with moderation is good for the body and the mind. However, after a while, which can vary depending [...]

Inhale wellbeing, exhale tension!

At cuevas de sal (salt caves), we contribute to the fight against [...]

The streets of Fuerteventura, Calle de la Barrilla

In the neighbourhood of Los Pozos, in the capital of Fuerteventura, and close to other streets such as Calle Puerto de Cabras or Calle del Cosco, we find a street called Calle de la Barrilla [...]

Majorero vocabulary (from Fuerteventura)

Chuchanga: Small snail with a hard whitish shell. By extension, sending someone to fry up some “chuchangas”, means to dismiss them angrily (if he continues to be annoying [...]

Witches tales in Fuerteventura, The camel on the Tindaya Mountain

Old people say that a woman who lived in one of the houses in Taca had a boyfriend in El Tostón. After courting for ten years, he left her for another [...]

The Canaries rescue from oblivion the historical bells from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

The sound language that belongs to the immaterial cultural heritage is often unnoticed. Regarding bells and their sounds, the research in the Canaries is very limited [...]

Women in the Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympic Games will take place from July, 23rd until August 8th. According to the information provided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), those will be “the first Games in history with gender equality” [...]

Ely Phenix – Italian painter and illustrator

“I need to listen to the water's memory and paint what it tells me” [...]

The luxury of being a majorero cat

We always say that cats have seven lives, but the cats in Fuerteventura have enough with one. The privileged climate of the Canary Islands [...]

The “Lucana 66” Cup (II)

After becoming Champions of Gran Canaria, the Marino F.C. are waiting to find out which their opponent will be for the final of the Regional Championship [...]

Carlota de la Quintana: first female doctor in the Canary Islands

A pioneer in the world of Medicine who broke the moulds and paved the way for equality. She was the first specialised woman doctor in the Canaries and the third one in Spain [...]

The Summer sky brings many delights

August is a magical time to be looking up at the night sky. We have the best meteor shower of the year in full swing, peaking on the night/early morning of the 12/13th of August [...]

“Kitchens” Aromas and flavours

For a kitchen to feel pleasant and practical, space doesn't have to be large and spacious. Sometimes, well-distributed small spaces are more welcoming and practical [...]

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