Completion of the first phase

Recently, the refurbishment of Fuerteventura’s Turtle Rescue Centre and Nursery, located in the harbour of Morro Jable was completed [...]

Promoting Fuerteventura’s Museums with a new graphic identity: “una isla, miles de historias”

“Museos de Fuerteventura, una isla, miles de historias” (Fuerteventura’s Museums, one island, thousands of stories), this is the slogan of the new graphic image of Fuerteventura’s Museum Network [...]

The cycling path between Las Playitas and Gran Tarajal is now fitted with photovoltaic lighting

The second phase of the Project of public solar-powered street lighting of the cycling path of Las Playitas [...]

Inhale wellbeing, exhale tension!

At Cueva de sal we contribute to the fight against the spread of virus, bacteria, pollutants [...]

Slimming down in a relaxed and healthy way

Not long ago, I was talking on the phone with a friend who was complaining that he didn’t know how to lose weight [...]


Assistance unit for traffic accidents

Every year there are 83,000 traffic accidents with victims in Spain, in which more than 115,000 people are injured [...]

The streets of Fuerteventura, Calle (Street) Princesa Guayarmina

On each island,some names recall legends and many of them are telling the stories of young people and of others, not so young [...]

Majorero vocabulary (from Fuerteventura)

Arrancadilla: the last drink taken in a bar: “we are going to take the arrancadilla because we've already had a lot to drink” [...]

Valentine’s Day: between history and legend

Although love is a feeling that should be expressed 365 days per year, 14th February is the date chosen as Lovers’ Day [...]

Carnival: the oldest and most entertaining tradition

Of uncertain origins, the Carnival in the Canaries is one of the most famous events in the World [...]

The Canaries need to be more proactive

Speaking of Canarian cinema, of cinema produced in the Canaries and of international productions that are shot in the Canaries is becoming somewhat repetitive [...]

What do we talk about when we talk about hypersexualisation?

Hypersexualisation means that sexuality is used to obtain a greater social value, which is constantly linked to the preoccupation over the body image [...]

Isabel Carril Baliña – Handcraft maker and creator of the Chafulladas brand

Isabel comes from Galicia and with her parents, she emigrated to Argentina when she was only 5 years old [...]

The Real Betis was the first Spanish club to come to the Canarian archipelago

This is the second half of the 1910 decade and the Canarian football has matured, but the serious consequences caused by the First World War [...]

The month of February is a wonderful month to be looking up at our universe!

The month of February is a wonderful month to be looking up at our universe! It begins with no Moon present in the night sky [...]

Blas Cabrera y Felipe: father of Spanish physics and a reference in magnetism

Blas Cabrera was born in Arrecife, Lanzarote, in May 1878, and he is considered as one of the most important Spanish scientists in history [...]

“Small offices…”

With the development of new technologies, it is becoming more and more common to work from home or to simply have an area where we keep a computer to connect to the internet [...]