Discovery of remains of a native village in the Cave of Villaverde

Further to the archaeological excavation in the Cave of Villaverde, the investigation carried out this summer in this [...]

The 10th Days of Early Attention point out the importance of games for the children's physical and mental health

“Our society is forgetting the value of games as something that is essential in the children's development, which is [...]

The Cabildo pays for the electrification of nine farming and livestock farms with renewable energies

Fuerteventura's Cabildo has invested 183.845 Euros for the electrification with renewable energies of nine farming [...]

The Cabildo brings traditional games and sports to over 1.000 students of secondary education

Traditional games and sports have been taught again in the schools of Fuerteventura where about 1.150 students [...]

Over 450 swimmers participate for the 20th anniversary of the Isla de Lobos – Fuerteventura crossing

As the tradition goes on those dates, the CD. Herbania organised the different modalities of the Swimming Crossing [...]

Hans Brünagel, tourist since 1969, visits the island again

A German man from Cologne landed in Fuerteventura in October: Hans Brünagel, who is 84 years old has been [...]

Hunters from Antigua win the Hunting Championship of Fuerteventura with Podenco dogs and ferrets

The Sports' Councillor, Fernando Estupiñán congratulated the hunters from Antigua, José Hernández Ojeda and David [...]

The Children's Fishing Tournament of Puerto Castillo is an experience to remember

The Children's Fishing Tournament of Puerto Castillo organised by Antigua's Ayuntamiento and the AECA Business [...]

The Tourism Board presents the 2018 Awards in Gran Tarajal

Fuerteventura's tourism family celebrated in October its great celebration of the Tourism Awards for 2018. This year [...]


La OlivaIsaí Blanco Marrero - Mayor of La Oliva

We are meeting again the mayor of La Oliva after one and a half year in position as mayor of this Ayuntamiento [..]


CommunityMalika Elkhabbati - Handcraft maker

Malika Elkhabbati is a handcraft maker of Moroccan origins but who has lived on the [..]

Reasons to consult a urologist

The CEM Fuerteventura Medical Centre includes minor urology surgeries in its service range [...]

Acupuncture for pregnant women

Acupuncture is a safe and efficient technique during pregnancy and after also. [...]

Homoeopathy treasures: Phytolacca

In continuation of our catalogue of indispensable homoeopathy home remedies, we arrive at [...]

Seawater: the best isotonic drink for athletes

Athletes suffer from a large loss of minerals through sweating, especially when it is very hot. [...]

PWA – The Early detection system for blood vessels

Until recently, the usual blood pressure taken with the armband was able to provide [...]


The return of the monk seal in Fuerteventura

The marine mammal will come back to the Natural Park of Jandía in 2019 [...]


Do you know about los Soles de Tejate?

This archaeological site will be proposed as an Asset of Cultural Interest ...

Advantages of family constellations

In every family, there are facts that have a strong impact on all the family of sports.

What do we talk about when we talk about equality? (II)

The 8th International Fuerteventura Tran Tran Clown Festival will take place in Gran Tarajal from 21st until 23rd September...

The scream of Ferinto

Reality or fiction. History or legend. Discover the Canary Islands through the tales that have been passed on from generation to generation until now. [...]

Autumn fabrics, touches of colour

Fabrics are unique when it comes to transmitting sensations. To create . [...]

Legal consulting


Legal Consulting

What are the novelties regarding mortgages and abusive clauses? [...]



Lanzarote, pionera mundial en implementar vehículos autónomos en lugares turísticos de sensibilidad ecológica.