The Fuerteventura Prizes are presented to people and associations who stand out for their work on the Island

Fuerteventura's Cabildo presented in March the Fuerteventura Prizes to eleven people and associations from the [...]

The Service of Education and the Cabildo visit the Oil Mill of Pozo Negro to launch the new Cycle of Olive Oils and Wines

Registrations are now open for this cycle of medium level for the 2019-2020 course in the Vigán Institute of [...]

Guided visits in the Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita

The Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita was once a house where at times some dances would be [...]

The native burial site of Villaverde's Cave dates from the XII-XIII's century

The Ayuntamiento of La Oliva has confirmed its commitment to preserving the archaeological heritage of the [...]

Students from the CEIP Morro Jable and Pablo Neruda schools participate in the release of turtles

Around sixty students from CEIP Morro Jable primary school participated in the release of a marine turtle on the [...]

Cleaning of the beaches and coast of Betancuria...

About fifty neighbours from the Municipality of Betancuria participated in April in the cleaning of the beach of El [...]

Close to 50 small and medium-size businesses get help from the Cabildo

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura invested around 190.000 Euros in 49 small and medium-size businesses of the Island in [...]

Success of the campaign of environmental renovation at El Cotillo's lighthouse

Rock stacking is a trend that happens all over the world and according to experts it as consequences such as [...]

Dazzling gala of Miss Universe Fuerteventura

The official contest of Miss Universe Fuerteventura took place in April in the [...]


InterviewJosé María Alonso Viña -
President of the Medicinal Cannabis Association of Fuerteventura (ACMEFUER)

For those who didn't read our interview concerning this association in 2016, [...]


InterviewIsaí Blanco -
Mayor of La Oliva

With the up and coming elections, we wanted to meet with the mayor of La Oliva so that he could give [..]


InterviewBlas Acosta - Deputy President of Fuerteventura's Cabildo

Considering the next elections, we met the candidate for the presidency of the Cabildo for the socialist [..]

Benefits of salt from Himalaya

Salt from Himalaya is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and a pain killer. It has been [...]

“Seawater”. The latest publication from the Aqua Maris Foundation

Amongst the activities of the Aqua Maris Foundation, there is also the publication of [...]

Movements for every day

How much do we move every day? On average, we only walk about 600 metres per [...]

The Canaries, are pioneers by making emotion education compulsory

The Canaries were the first community to organise 90 minutes of weekly courses in emotional [...]


Key food for spring

Small in size, the timple canario hides a long story. It is made of wood, with strings and is pear-shaped. ....

What do we talk about when we talk of workers’ struggle

The month of May smells of springtime and reminds us of workers’ struggle. On the 1st May, we ...

Problems of speech and stutter

What is hiding behind this ailment and what solutions can we propose? ...

The art of the Calado Canario

The Calado Canario (Canarian openwork embroidery) consist in the fraying ...

Guise, Ayose and the prophecy of Tibiabin

Reality or fiction. History or legend. Discover the Canary Islands through the tales that have been passed on from generation to generation until now. [...]

Details we fall in love with...

One of the things I prefer when the good weather arrives, is [...]

May is a good month to approach us to the double stars

With the arrival of May, the glorious constellations which marked the astronomical winter, as Orion [...]

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I have a mortgage with a Mortgage Index of Reference (IRPH). What novelties are there for this clause?

The Official Bulletin of the State published an article on “Average type of mortgage over [...]