More than 200.000 PCR tests carried out in the Canaries since March

In the Canaries, all the hospitals are now able to analyse PCR tests. Since 1st March, more than 200.000 [...]

The council for Ecological Transition approves the second plan of rescue of the opilión of la Cueva del Llano

The council for Ecological Transition, Fight against the Climate Change and Territory Planning of the [...]

The CAAF adds a new mobile module to the desalination plant of Puerto del Rosario with a daily capacity of 2.500 m³

The CAAF announced that last month, they added a new mobile module that can produce 2.500 m³ daily to [...]

A Black-necked grebe found in the area of the Environment Complex of Zurita is released

Fuerteventura’s Cabildo with the Environment Council released a specimen of black-necked grebe (Podiceps [...]

Congratulations to the Majorero athletes for their performance during the Canaries’ under-16 championship

Fuerteventura’s Cabildo congratulated the representatives of the island’s athletics who participated last [...]

European “Life” Project to solve the water purifying of the Lobos Islet, Cofete and Puertito de la Cruz

The Council for Environment, Fight against Climate Change, Circular Economy and Innovation and [...]

Young people from a training programme on socio-educational abilities for disabled people participate in the release of a turtle

A group of eleven young people from the Training Programme on socio-educational abilities for disabled [...]


InterviewPilar González Segura – Mayor of La Oliva

The present mayor of La Oliva, Pilar González Segura, granted us an interview so that she could tell us about [...]

Bathtub of Salt from the Himalayas. Look after yourself!

The salt of the Himalayas contains 84 minerals of which zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron for [...]

How can I become the person I would like to be?

The human being is a creature of habits. This goes for good habits, such as practising sports regularly or [...]

How to alleviate anxiety with healthy habits

The world population has been submitted to high emotional stress caused by the Covid-19 [...]


New Shock Wave Treatment

This is a new type of therapy that consists ofapplying high-velocity [...]

What do we talk about when we talk about abusing men?

By Basic Income, we mean an individual, universal and unconditional income through which, the whole [...]

XI International Sculpture Symposium of Puerto del Rosario

The organisers of the XI Sculpture Symposium of Puerto del Rosario, the Culture councillor, Aurelia Vera and [...]

Rosa Delgado – Traditional jams, fruit juices and pâtés

Rosa Delgado has lived in Fuerteventura for 22 years. She was born in Gran Canaria and tells us that when [...]

Andrés María Chapa Moreno de Guerra – Traditional Canarian beers

Andrés Chapa is a young entrepreneur who moved on the island and fell in love with it. With his three [...]

Enjoy a delicious, safe and healthy picnic!

Those centuries' old gastronomy encounters are attracting more interest than ever at present for [...]

The first visit of a foreign Club in Las Palmas took place in 1914

The Club Sport Marítimo, from Funchal, was the firstforeign Club to ever visit Las Palmas in [...]

César Manrique: a multidisciplinary artist who was a pioneer of ecology

extraordinary creations as a painter, sculptor, architect and multidisciplinary artist. He believed that [...]


interior decorating and it is sensitive to light changes. To label those numerous tones, [...]

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