InterviewMoisés Jorge – Director of Fuerteventura's Tourism Board

We are meeting Moisés Jorge, who found time for us in his busy schedule to give us a summary of the [...]


InterviewJonathan Peña Cabrera – Festivities and Environment Councillor for the Ayuntamiento of Antigua

Jonathan Peña Cabrera is a young Majorero from the municipality of Antigua who just started in politics [...]


InterviewHipólito Sánchez – Writer from Madrid resident in Fuerteventura

He graduated in Prehistory from Madrid's University, the city he comes from but he has lived in [..]

Dive into wellbeing!

Salt from the Himalaya contains 84 minerals or oligo-elements such as zinc, calcium, [...]

Hormonal replacement therapy

This therapy helps to maintain adequate hormonal levels during menopause and a[...]

Seawater distribution network in Hong Kong: an example to follow

Non-desalinated seawater can be used for household hygiene to wash clothes and for the [...]

Coronavirus – Don't panic!

At the end of last year, we learned that there had been various cases of pneumonia [...]


New service of electroencephalogram

The electroencephalogram or encephalogram (EEG) is a test carried out to study the functions of the [...]

Canaries and America, a significant historical alliance

The history of how Christopher Columbus conquered America is well known. Hundreds of stories, [...]

What do we talk about when we talk about non-conformist women...

Being thankful to all the women who fought for the rights of every woman, because [...]

Edible flowers: a natural, exotic and nutritious pleasure

Natural food is more and more present in our daily diet. Eating flowers is a delicate gastronomy [...]

Presentation of the “Apollo Awards”

Apollo, one of the main Scandinavian tour operators and property of the German [...]

The first official Championship of the Canaries took place in 1914

In January 1913, the Tenerife SC went for the first time on the island of Gran Canaria with the firm idea [...]

The Tenesoya princess

The legend says that in 1460, before Castilla occupied Gran Canaria, boats used to come over in [...]

Baby's arrival

The baby's bedroom has to be as serene and simple as possible. It is the envi [...]

March starts with the Moon in her First Quarter

dark seas surrounded by long ranges of high mountains, large and small craters scattered in lonely plains, isolated peaks [...]

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