Local News Fuerteventura
August, 2019 2.00

"About twenty people learn how to make their on-line sales’ project profitable"

About twenty people participated last month in the second workshop on e-commerce that was animated by Edgar Aldaz at Fuerteventura's Chamber of Commerce in order to go into detail about this activity and explain the various tools required to show “how to make an on-line sale's site profitable”. This free initiative is included the “Afiánzate con los cambios” session that is part of the programme called “Afiánzate 2019” promoted by the Chamber of Commerce. The speaker explained that people have to stop thinking that creating an online business is easy and very profitable. Then he emphasised on the importance of having a plan of viability that analyses all the aspects of this type of business. Mr Aldaz concentrated on the keys to making an e-commerce project profitable, increasing the amounts of visits on the website, increasing conversions and the average spending amount and gaining loyalty. For people who are starting an e-commerce project, it is important“to be aware of reality, of the real costs that are involved with e-commerce” and he assured that most people who start e-commerce from nothing “lack awareness and fail”. In his opinion, there is a very clear reality otherwise “we are going to get into another phase of government support for the internationalisation of businesses through e-mail, and the Canaries are at a disadvantage compared to the competition”. He admits that from his own experience, the percentage of failures is over 85% and he, therefore, urged people who are thinking about doing it to “have a good viability plan and to be aware of all the handicaps of e-commerce from the Canaries, mainly concerning the taxation system, the logistics, before starting an e-commerce project”.