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May, 2019 2.00

"Guided visits in the Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita "

The Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita was once a house where at times some dances would be organised and a couple who came from Gran Canaria lived there for many years in the windmill with their eleven children. Those are anecdotes that few people know nowadays. Those are details that belong to the memory of the elders. At the occasion of International Day for Monuments and Sites, the elders of the municipality of Tuineje took the centre stage as explained Eva Somoza, Director of the Education Department and of the Proasur company that manages the Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos, the Salt Museum of Salinas del Carmen and the Cheese Museum, “the theme this year is rural landscapes and, of course, people who lived there are also part of this landscape”.

The couple created by Antonio Domínguez and Carmela Aguiar, both from the Elders' Centre of Tuineje were the guides for visitors of Tiscamanita. He is a retired baker from Tuineje and explained the trade details of the differences between the different types of windmills, or of flour depending on the mill or how the wheat grown on the island was transported from one site to the other. Carmela Aguiar, on the other hand, told various anecdotes regarding the building where the museum is now located, such as the story of the old inhabitants, two sisters and a brother, who lived there.

“They shared the kitchen, but not the bedrooms; they lived separately. In one of them, they had the habit of praying the novenas and as I was very present in church life, they invited me to come and pray. But there were many people and I got shy, I lowered my head and couldn't pray. In the end, Roquito had to come to pray”. Experiences such as this one in the Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos “are not only a pleasant and personal way to tell Fuerteventura's story”, indicates the Councillor for the Elders of Tuineje's Ayuntamiento, Lucía Cubas, “but it also allows us to preserve experiences, customs and people who, otherwise, would get forgotten about. The work of our elders in essential in that respect”.


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May 2019Guided visits in the Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita

The Interpretation Centre of Los Molinos in Tiscamanita was once a house where at times some dances would be [...]

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