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Fuerteventura experiences
June 2022

Fuerteventura experiences

Years ago, when my parents did not choose the places or hotels we would go to, I would think of a country and start my trip... I found surprising places that changed my life and attitude, and at times, the best part of the trip was coming back... Sometimes, the conditions were so bad, that they crossed the line of “no return”. I would, therefore, come back worse for wear, but loaded with good intentions, which I dreamt would cure all the world’s problems. I found a place where they “treated” mentally ill people in the “traditional manner”, they were so convinced that this was the way to do it that,if I had stayed there longer, it would have ended up badly. The lines that follow this introduction are an attempt to describe the horror endured by those human beings, demons, spirits... I couldn’t say...

“Madmen with no foot”

I am not even 20 yet, and I can remember more nightmares than dreams. The country of black souls, strange, cruel beings, who chain up their mad people to death. On the thick roots of the trees that look like twisted claws, there, there they are, there are many of them... Under the almost inexistent shade, waiting for the spirit to remove the demon that lives within them. The rain, the wind that they call Harmattan, scorpions and snakes feed on those febrile, delirious bodies... Their “carers” call them “brothers”, they attribute themselves powers in the name of a fetish and vicious god, thanking him for the deaths that they don’t do anything to avoid, always repeating “God wanted it”, together with them, women laugh at those who cry, not understanding anything of the “outrage” that surrounds them, children throw stones at them and no one cares... The “brothers” who survive their “carers” come back to the dusty tracks, and almost all of them have a foot missing. The chain that they were tied to, to prevent “The evil” to take them to another life, since they were demons, ended up cutting off the bone... the roads are filled with madmen with no foot. If you talk to them, they smile or shout, in their world, it makes no difference... They’ll only shut up if you give them something, anything. Listen to their agitated, strident voices, very often vulgar and although you can’t understand them, they are heartbreaking. They are dirty, sometimes naked... And then, you understand why death, is, in extremis, their ultimate treatment, salvation.