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Nueva proyección del documental 'El Saber Popular a través de las Campesinas Majoreras
August, 2019 2.00

"Beginning of the conversion of the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo into the interpretation centre of La Ruta del Agua"

La Oliva's Ayuntamiento has started the rehabilitation work on the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo in order to change this ancient facility into an interpretation centre of the tourism project called “La Ruta del Agua de La Oliva” (La Oliva's Water Route). The mayor, Isaí Blanco, and the Tourism Councillor, Marcelino Umpiérrez, participated in the signing of the agreement between the Technical Office and the business carrying out the work. The project will take two months to be completed and represents an investment of 94.214 Euros. Marcelino Umpiérrez indicated that “this project doesn't only represent the rehabilitation of those very important structures of ethnographic interest but it is also another phase in the project called La Ruta del Agua, a new tourism itinerary that aims at promoting the variety of La Oliva's cultural assets amongst the local population and visitors”. For Isaí Blanco, La Ruta del Agua is one of the projects initiated by the Ayuntamiento “that takes advantage of the tourism history and heritage potential of La Oliva. It will be another incentive to attract visitors to enjoy eco-tourism and to find out about the municipality's history and traditions”. “It is a project that is similar to that of the Caves of Villaverde that is still underway in order to promote a resource that we didn't have until now, which is the native heritage”. The company looking after the rehabilitation work is Crispal Island SL, managed by Fabián Hernández Suárez and Romina Movilla Violán, that will benefit from the support of the municipal technician, Félix Montelongo. The project includes the rehabilitation of the two reservoirs but also the water network that connects the two reservoirs, just as the population of La Oliva used it at the time. The Ruta del Agua of La Oliva is a project that aims at creating a tourism itinerary that will promote the knowledge of heritage, cultural and ethnographic assets in La Oliva and its surrounding area amongst the local population and visitors. The main theme is this asset that is precious and that used to be so scarce for centuries: the water for the population of the municipality. The project belongs to the European ECO-TUR Programme that is co-financed by the European Union (European Funds for Regional Development and the MAC 2014-2020 Interreg Programme). La Oliva's Ayuntamiento participates in ECO-TUR, a transnational network that includes local European administrations from the Canaries, Azores and Madeira as well as other countries such as Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania.