July, 2019

What do we talk about when we talk about liberal feminism

Taking into account that feminist movements fight for equality, we could take this as liberal feminism, but this would mean to forget about the basic debate and the action of the feminist movement. Feminism contests the capitalist and patriarchal system as a whole, it is ecologist, anti-racist and pacifist. It fights for solidarity between countries all over the world, for a more equal repartition of wealth. Finally, it wants to build a fair world, where people are not excluded for their sex, origin, class or race and where women are considered as equals.

What do we talk about when we talk about liberal feminism
Liberal feminism speaks about equality, where women should be in power and decision-making positions, we all agree on that. The “but” comes in when we see that sharing the power in this economic system means the same but with different faces. They don't talk about changes, only about sharing the power. What is the point of having equality in numbers at the CEAR (Spanish Commission of help to refugees) if we let people who are seeking asylum die at sea, or to have a woman Minister of Defence if we keep on selling weapons to countries that kill innocents, or a woman president of the Autonomous Community if we privatise hospitals and sell public housing to investment funds that will evict people? This is liberal feminism, the spare wheel of an economic system that despises people, a makeup and face change so that no-one has to change, where the market decides on who deserves a dignified life and who doesn't, and where all that matters is to gather wealth and power. This is why liberal feminism is an oxymoron, a word and its contrary. Two words that should go together and we won't let ourselves get fooled. .