Local News Fuerteventura
March, 2019

"The Cabildo invests over 260.000 Euros for the installation of renewable energy in homes and farms"

Fuerteventura's Cabildo, with the Island Water Council, is currently carrying out renovations of La Pared's barranco location on the municipality of Pájara. The initiative consists of repairs on the sides and slopes of the riverbed as well as the creation of a reservoir for rainwater. Furthermore, the dirt track that crosses the barranco and provides access for vehicles to houses and livestock farms that are in this area and links La Pared with Las Hermosas is also being renovated. “With this initiative, it will stop the rainwater and the soil to drift to the sea during heavy rainfalls, as per the project called Vertido Cero (Zero spill) that takes place on all the island's river beds, explained M. Morales during a visit onsite together with the councillor of Projects and Equipment, Natalia Évora, and the councillor of Municipal Projects of the Ayuntamiento of Pájara, Alexis Alonso. “This project includes work on various barrancos on the island in order to improve their drainage capacity and to improve their conditions, by repairing the river beds that are affected and by improving the reservoirs”, added Mrs Évora. The Cabildo has also recently carried out work on the barranco of Chilegua. The initiative will soon extend to other barrancos on the island in order to maintain their reservoirs and river beds of Fuerteventura in perfect state. This initiative includes the repair of the affected river beds, of stone walls, the creation of dams, the repair of drainage systems, as well as cleaning the areas, amongst other actions.


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March 2019The Cabildo invests over 260.000 Euros for the installation of renewable energy in homes and farms

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