Antigua teaches its elders how to use smartphones

The Ayuntamiento organised a free course of Basic Smartphone Use in order to answer the doubts created by this new technology, to make and receive calls, as well as how to take pictures, send documents, images and audio files. The most daring students even learned how to download apps that can be used to get directions, listen to music, the radio or translate languages. The course organised by Social Services was requested by the users of Antigua's Elders' Centre and took place over six sessions, it was free of charge and the only requirement was to bring a mobile or Smartphone.


The Ayuntamiento and ADIVIA unite forces to achieve a Municipality without obstacles for accessibility

The councillor of Environment, Transport, Traffic and the Beaches of the Ayuntamiento, held a meeting with representatives of the Association of Visual and Auditive Disabled People, ADIVIA, in order to plan together the initiatives that aims at achieving a Municipality that is more accessible, offering a better quality of life for all the residents. Antigua's Ayuntamiento supports the purpose of ADIVIA by confirming that accessibility isn't the problem, but the respect of people's rights and the councillor adds that «In our municipality and on the island generally, there is still a long way to go to improve accessibility for everyone». ADIVIA's president, José Gómez, said that the meeting was practical and useful, indicating that such meetings should take place regularly with the Ayuntamiento in order to confirm that the agreements are honoured and to keep on proposing actions that will make life easier for the Municipality's residents, especially for people who suffer from a disability.

Success of the 13th Open de Golf Caleta de Fuste

The 13th Open de Golf Caleta de Fuste took place in October on the golf courses of Salina Golf and Fuerteventura Golf and was organised by Antigua's Ayuntamiento with the collaboration of the Anjoca Group, Hoteles Elba mainly as well as important promotors of this important event on the island and regional golf circuit. The Tourism Councillor of Antigua's Ayuntamiento, Deborah Edgington, presented the Prizes together with the promoters to the winners in the different categories. The absolute winner was Nerea Garrido Fernández that was not only proclaimed absolute champion in the first category but who also achieved the longest drive. The next prize was awarded to Blas Sánchez Santana and Kyle Stephen was awarded the Best Senior prize.

Coloured and international maritime terrestrial procession in Honour of Nuestra Señora La Peña del Mar

The terrestrial maritime procession in honour of Nuestra Señora de La Peña del Mar took place in October during the celebrations of Caleta de Fuste and gathered like every year many pilgrims of all different nationalities who went along with the image on its course, guarded by the beloved Petrina, whose niece wrote a poem telling her history, that of her family and of the village of El Castillo. After the Procession, a Folkloric Encounter took place with the groups of the Association of the Elder's Centre of Antigua and the Rondalla El Campill. In addition to the dances and music, participants enjoyed a popular paella and potatoes with mojo sauce.

The boat Mavacy from Lanzarote wins the 15th Tournament of Deep Sea Fishing of El Castillo

Winners and participants received various prizes such as over 7.000 Euros in cash and fuel, as well as moorings in Harbours, hotel stays, trips between the islands, sports' equipment vouchers, hampers, diners and a multitude of great prizes. The boat from Lanzarote Mavacy was declared champion of the 15th Deep Sea Fishing Tournament of El Castillo, followed by the boat called Jonil and in third position, Lidya, both of them from Fuerteventura. The great ambience and camaraderie characterise this Fishing Tournament of El Castillo that was celebrating its 15th edition. The tournament was organised by the Fishing Club Míralo Fuerteventura together with the councils of Tourism and Sports of Antigua's Ayuntamiento.

The departments of Agriculture and Sports organise the sowing of 1.000 kilos of wheat for the preservation of hunting species

The Ayuntamiento started sowing for the preservation of hunting species in the Municipalities. This sowing campaign involves over 500 hectares of land that the population and owners make available for wheat to be sowed which is aimed at feeding and preserving hunting species in the Municipality, such as quails or rabbits, amongst others. The initiative is organised by the Sports Council and the Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing Council with the collaboration of the Halcones Peregrinos Society of Hunters. The Sowing Campaign took place in October mostly on plots that are away from roads and populated areas that are more favourable to the breeding of hunting species.