Edwin Rivera welcomed Carnival parade in Antigua's Carnival Tent

A dozen Drag Queens paraded in front of an overjoyed public who admired and enjoyed groups of dancers, the ZulyMar Street band, the voice of the very young singer Suri Hernández, the dance troupes of The Groove and Dance Queens, the act of the famous Tutto Durán, and the youngest Drag Queen of the Canaries, the Drag Villanz, during a light and sound show on a surprising stage.


The barranco of La Lajita is the new location for the hoisting ramp of Pozo Negro

The councillor of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing, Matías Peña, visited the coastal village of Pozo Negro with technicians from the Coasts and Fishermen's Administration, regarding the improvement that is planned with the modification of the initial location chosen for the build of a platform and hosting ramp for small boats. The new location provides more safety for boats and will make the hosting on the platform easier as it will reduce the problems that could be created by waves during the manoeuvres. Fishermen, the technicians and the councillor agree that although this modification will delay the execution of the project, it will improve the service to fishermen without disturbing or being detrimental to the coastline of Pozo Negro.

More than 100 young people participate in the First Encounter for People with Functional Diversity

The Sports' Council of Antigua's Ayuntamiento did not miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with the First Island Encounter for People with Functional Diversity that took place last month in the Sport's Hall of Antigua. The Sports' Councillor congratulated the initiative that was taken by students from the First Superior Cycle of Animation of Physical and Sports Activities by organising the First Encounter that gathered 110 young people with functional diversity. Organisers benefited from the support of the schools of IES Jandía, IES Corralejo, IES Puerto del Rosario, IES San Diego, IES Vigán, the Occupational Centres of Puerto del Rosario, Gran Tarajal and Antigua. More than twenty students volunteered to collaborate with the organisation of Gymkhanas, games and the sports' equipment.

The Sports' Department prepares the Motorcross circuit of Los Alares

The Ayuntamiento's Sports' council has completed the improvements on the Motocross Circuit of Los Alares by flattening the terrain, fixing the uneven parts and defining the numerous bends of the 1.500-metre long circuit. The councillor recently visited the site to check on the improvement together with the well-known pilot from Antigua and Sports' Commissioner, Germán Acoidan Rodríguez, who collaborates in the organisation of motorsports' championships in Los Alares and recently created the Club Deportivo Puño Atrás.