The Cabildo congratulates C.L. Unión of Antigua for becoming Champions at the Tournament DISA Gobierno de Canarias of First Category

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura congratulated C.L Unión of Antigua for becoming Champions of the Tournament DISA Gobierno de Canarias of First Category in Canarian Wrestling. The president of the Cabildo, Blas Acosta, and the Sports' councillor, Alejandro Jorge, congratulated the Club for their efforts and their impressive achievements. C.L. Unión of Antigua has become the best team of the Canaries after winning against C.L. Teguise 12 to 11 at the municipal ground in Vecindario.


The Ayuntamiento and ADIVIA sign a collaboration agreement to promote accessibility in the municipality

The Ayuntamiento met with the president of ADIVIA, José Gómez and representatives of the Association for People with Visual and Auditive Disability, ADIVIA, in order to promote measures that will improve accessibility in the Municipality of Antigua. The Accessibility and Tourism councillor, Deborah Edgington, indicated that this collaboration Agreement is a very important stage to help make the municipality more inclusive. Mobility and accessibility in the streets, squares, beaches or public events, in all the villages, but especially in the more populated areas such as Caleta de Fuste, mean an improvement as a tourism destination for the hundreds of thousands of people in Europe who suffer from some kind of disability.

The Ayuntamiento collaborates closely with Radio ECCA

The management of Radio Ecca in Fuerteventura presented their project, ideas and objectives during a meeting that took place with the councillor for Culture, Education and Youth, Agustín Rodríguez, who confirmed the total support for the promotion of their various projects in the Municipality. The Island Representative of Radio Ecca in Fuerteventura, Carmen Nieves Hernández and the advisor, Guacimara León Brito, expressed their thanks for the continued and important collaboration of Antigua's Ayuntamiento for the past few years and for the years to come. The management of Radio Ecca in Fuerteventura announced the projects that they plan on organising in the municipality that aim at promoting employability, language workshops, literacy or employment search that are created to improve the training level of residents, offer autonomy to migrants and support young people who are not qualified.

The Ayuntamiento makes an update with the schools of Antigua

The mayor of Antigua, Matías Peña, together with the councillor for Education, Culture, Youth and New Technologies, Agustín Rodríguez, visited the schools of the municipality together with the school management in order to make a list of the work that needs to take place during the school holidays. Thanks to those visits of the school of CEIP Francisca Pérez in Triquivijate,the school of Valles de Ortega and the CEO school in Antigua, a direct contact was made with the management of those schools in order to gather the requests for work to be executed urgently during the summer. Painting maintenance is usual every year but this time the school CEIP Francisca Pérez in Triquivijate will need improvements of the premises including the creation of a wall next to the sports' ground that will provide more safety. Fixing stairs, replacing floor tiles, broken window glass, repairs to doors and windows are some of the common repairs carried out in the different schools as well as a revision of the electricity and plumbing installations. For the CEO school in Antigua, priority is given to improving access and the creation of storage. In the school of Valle de Ortega, in addition to regular maintenance, they will support the efficient projects scheduled for the educative community.

Improvements of the company dealing with waste collection in the Municipality

The efficient work in the streets and from the management of the company Urbaser in the Municipality is clearly visible with new containers, their collect and systematic cleaning, as well as the creation of a mobile collection point for furniture, equipment and used oil in each village. Urbaser recently inaugurated their service in the municipality of Antigua, with a fleet of new vehicles with three new lorries, one pick-up, a clean point mobile unit, two dump trucks and one truck for cleaning containers, as well as the replacement of close to 800 containers in various locations. .