Star By Night

"May is a good month to approach us to the double stars "

With the arrival of May, the glorious constellations which marked the astronomical winter, as Orion and the Great Dog, are leaving the protagonism to their rivals of the summer, Scorpius and Sagittarius, bringing back to us the most brilliant part of the Milky Way. But this month is also the epoch of the great and farthest galaxies, spread inside the great constellations of Leo, Virgo and Coma, now close to the zenith of the night sky. In order to locate and admire them, we shall need the help of a telescope with wide aperture and the guide of an expert. May is also a good month to approach us to the double stars, which offer a variety of objects and colors, from the yellow components of Algieba in Leo, to the blue and orange of Albireo, in the Swan, showing a beautiful contrast with the background of a rich region of the Milky Way.

May is a good month to approach us to the double stars

And finally we can welcome back the giant of the Solar System, the planet Jupiter, offering us the great view of his 4 satellites moving eternally around his bands and zones, so characteristic of his external layers. The Moon will leave us astonished too, with her big craters, high ranges of mountains and enormous lava seas. The best epoch to observe her is around the First Quarter, which this month is on day 11th. Clear skies to everybody!