Star By Night

"In August, the Perseids return "

The clear August nights share kinder temperatures, inviting us to contemplate the night sky, in hope for the appearance of some shooting-stars in order to declare a wish. In this month, every year the faithful Perseids, the best-known meteor shower, an exceptional phenomenon which takes place up until the middle of August, a real 'must' for thousands of people who meet in in public observations throughout all of Europe. In Fuerteventura the most popular is in La Atalayita, organized by the Concejalía de Cultura of the Ayuntamiento de Antigua, which on the night of the 12th organizes the traditional event of the 'Tears of San Lorenzo', a guided observation in Spanish and English. Free inscriptions by phone 928 549653.

In August, the Perseids return

But these nights are offering us also the wonderful view of the Milky Way, rich in beautiful open clusters and fascinating but far nebulae, real young star nurseries, which a telescope can help us to reveal. In the same area, this year we can easily find two very important guests: the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which always leave us astonished with their unmistakable view. In the first part of the month, the Moon will be in her crescent phase, the epoch when the incredible details of her surface are more evident: enormous craters, long ranges of mountains or immense lava seas with solitary peaks emerging as floating icebergs. Clear skies to everybody!