Star By Night

"March 20: Spring Equinox"

March is taking back the Spring, which starts the day of the Equinox, when the day and the night have the same duration, falling this year on March 20th. The air is now sweeter and invites to the contemplation of the Firmament, where the winter constellations are still very high in the sky in the first hours of the night. This is the case of Orion and the Great Dog towards the South, as well as the bright stars Sirius and Canopus, while in the zodiacal region Gemini and Taurus dominate the zenith, preceded by the mythical Seven Sisters, the Pleyades, who are escaping for ever from the great hunter. Another famous cluster, visible with naked eyes as a blurry spot, marks the faint constellation of Cancer: it is the Beehive (M44), which a telescope with a few magnifications can reveal in all its beauty. From the East, Leo is now raising and announcing the great season of the galaxies we shall enjoy in the next months.

March 20: Spring Equinox

If we make the effort to wake up very early, we have a chance to admire the bright planets Jupiter, Saturn and Venus towards the East, but in order to watch them in more convenient hours we have to be patient a few weeks more. But the object which never fails her monthly date with us is the Moon, the most admired and interesting of all. Her Full phase falls just the same day as the Equinox, so the most favorable moment to admire her craters, her seas and her mountains, which only a telescope reveals us in all their magics, we recommend the previous nights, starting for the 10th. Clear skies to everybody!


"...we have a chance to admire the bright planets Jupiter, Saturn and Venus towards the East...