“Blue is the colour that embellishes the new season”
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Baby's arrival

The baby's bedroom has to be as serene and simple as possible. It is the envi-ronment that replaces the mother's womb and it has to provide the same safety, comfort and warmth. The location of the crib is an essential factor to take into account when decorating the baby's bedroom. It should never be in front of a window and the baby's feet shouldn't be towards the door. For the first few months, it will be better for the baby to sleep in a carrycot or a mini-crib so that the baby can feel more tucked in and safer.

Babies sleep a lot, therefore, sleep is essential for their development. Nothing should disturb that state, be careful with rooms filled with too many things or with busy decorations and themes. Neutral colours are more adequate, we shouldn't mistake those with pastel colours. Neutral colours such as off-white, linen, light beige and clear stone colours are more adequate for the walls and the furniture. Lighting is also very important. There should be one main light and another softer light to create a soothing ambience for the baby. The furniture can be made of wood, wood is linked to growth, therefore to babies. Having adequate furniture to the necessities is essential, a crib, a chest of drawers, a small wardrobe and a comfortable armchair for breastfeeding or to feed the baby in his own room. This will be enough for the first few months, avoid rugs, heavy curtains, it is better to choose blinds in order to filter the light. The walls should be left as clear as possible, with only a few shelves and a few toys adapted to the baby's necessities. It is also pleasing for the baby to have a few nice and happy photos with family members, it will make the baby feel loved and sur-rounded. The bedding should be made of cotton and soft textures always in neutral colours, avoid wool and any synthetic materials. “The baby's bedroom should be a space that expresses tenderness all over”.

Fedra Ramos - Arquitecta de interiores Miembro de: IFI (Federación Internacional de Arquitectos de Interior) ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Colegio Oficial de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior de Canarias