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Autumn fabrics, touches of colour

Fabrics are unique when it comes to transmitting sensations. To create sensations of order and serenity, we should look for a link between all the fabrics in a house, with colour, a pattern or the type of fabric. If you combine various fabrics, choose coordinated designs that get repeated in the same room or in the same tones. One of the most decorative accessories we can count on to bring a different atmosphere to the lounge, a bedroom, etc., are the cushions with various shapes such as round rollers, squares, etc., that allow us to combine various textures, designs and colours, without having to make big changes but with very attractive results.

" ... Bannisters, buttons and gemstones can help to give a renovated air to existing ones..."

Fedra Ramos - Arquitecta de interiores Miembro de: IFI (Federación Internacional de Arquitectos de Interior) ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Colegio Oficial de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior de Canarias

Bannisters, buttons and gemstones can help to give a renovated air to existing ones. With a small budget and fabric leftovers, we can also give a modern and personalised look to a table. Classic white crockery is a wise choice as it allows you to combine various fabrics in the same range of tones or with small touches of contrast, those are your best allies to decorate the house in general.

As for the wall paint or paper, covering with hangings in another alternative to decorate the walls, it also helps for acoustic isolation. Covering furniture such as the interior of wardrobes, draws or covers for the sofa is a simple solution at reduced costs. The most usual fabrics in decoration are chenille, damask, thin canvas, linen, cotton and silk.