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The importance of beauty in decoration

Decorating hotels with the objective of providing physical and mental relaxation through the senses is the key to success. Luxury is a concept that has become more abstract over the past decade. Luxury is clean and pure air, crystal clear water, noble materials, soft textures to the touch, clean smells or the simplicity of a tidy and harmonious ambience. Anything that is a pleasure to the eye brings us positive energy.

Decorating with our five senses

Our calling card will be what clients feel as soon as they walk into the room, the first impression is what counts, the vision allows us to perceive sensations. Colours that combine well with each other, a careful decoration and a beautiful garden and from then on, they will discover and start opening their minds until getting into their private space. Harmonious sounds of nature bring us the sensation of peace such as the sound of tranquil water, a soft ambience music or the soft sound of the wind, the aroma of fresh flowers and the smell of cleanliness give us confidence. Tasting a nice meal, fresh fruits and vegetables, are small pleasures that stimulate us and bring us happiness.

The pleasure of receiving

Our bedroom will be our peace haven, touch plays an important role, tactile sensations bring us comfort and stability. Soft textures such as cotton, silk and linen are a pleasure for our senses, there is nothing more unpleasant than the touch of synthetic bedding on our skin. If we reach that balance, we can also transmit it to our clients.

"the first impression is what counts"

Fedra Ramos - Arquitecta de interiores Miembro de: IFI (Federación Internacional de Arquitectos de Interior) ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Colegio Oficial de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior de Canarias