The Ayuntamiento creates new parking spaces close to the IES Gran Tarajal school

As requested by the teachers and the local population who lives close to the IES Gran Tarajal school, the Ayuntamiento of Tuineje prepared a municipal plot of land in order to create parking spaces. Thanks to this initiative, 45 parking spaces will be created. The Ayuntamiento plans on adapting all the public plots of land that are located in Gran Tarajal in order to transform them into parking spaces. “We are aware of the problem we are facing regarding the lack of parking spaces in various locations in the municipality, especially in Gran Tarajal and the busy commercial areas”, indicated Tuineje's Mayor, Sergio Lloret, “which is the reason why we have implemented this plan that will adapt plots and spaces that will be transformed into parking spaces”. The other plots that will soon be transformed into parking spaces are close to the Health Centre of Gran Tarajal and close to the Town Hall.


The Ayuntamiento points out that there are discounts on taxes for homes that are energetically durable

Promoting non-polluting energies is the municipality's priority. This is the objective of Tuineje's Ayuntamiento with the Council of Economy and Inland Revenue thanks to discounts on the Tax on Buildings (IBI) for houses that use solar energy for heating water, with a 15% discount, and for electricity, with a 20% discount. In order to benefit from those discounts, people interested have until 20th February to present the required documentation. In order to benefit from those discounts, homeowners must comply with some conditions such as: the value of the house cannot be superior to 90.000 Euros, the owner of the house must make the claim and the equipment must already be installed. The other conditions can be found at Tuineje's Ayuntamiento, at the Town Hall of Gran Tarajal, on the webpage: or in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Las Palmas dated 31st December 2018.