22 establishments of the municipality join up the “Areas safe for women”

In continuation with the Prevention Campaign on Gender Violence from the Equality and Solidarity Council, in collaboration with the Federation of Associations of Women Arena y Laurisilva, the second phase of this campaign has now started that consists in creating spaces that are safe and free from violence for women known as “Areas safe for Women” (Zonas Seguras para las Mujeres). Those are permanent spaces all year round thanks to the collaboration of various establishments in the municipality that are identified as establishments committed to the fight against gender violence. This initiative was launched by the Equality and Solidarity Council of Tuineje's Ayuntamiento and the Federation of Associations of Women Arena y Laurisilva and 22 businesses of the municipality collaborate in this project. The establishments that have joined up with this initiative are: Cafetería El Secreto, Bar Cafetería El Cangrejo, Bar La Terracita, Ciber-locutorio Redes y Líneas, Cafetería Tallercafé, Bar Cafetería Oasis Bacardi, Restaurante Diner, Librería Tuareg, Multimercado 24 horas, Cafetería Churrería Alonso, Cafetería Tamaca, Restaurante Casa Méndez, Horno Loco, Restaurante Da Nonna, Cafetería El Drago, Bar Cafetería Martín, Cafetería Las Palmeras, Pizzería Ciccio Pizza, Cafetería Ca’Yeyo, El Bocadillón (Las Playitas), Restaurante El Poril (Las Playitas) and Piscolabis Adeyu (Tarajalejo).


The Ayuntamiento celebrates the second consecutive Blue Flag that is received in the municipality

The Ayuntamiento celebrated the Blue Flag that will fly on the beach of Tarajalejo this summer. After being received by the Public Health Council of the Canarian Government, the flag will be handed over to the Beaches Council until it is put in place in July. The mayor of Tuineje, Sergio Lloret and the Beaches Councillor, Vicente García, recently went to Tarajalejo in order to choose the future location of the flag that will fly for the second year running on the beach of this coastal village.


The Ayuntamiento is the first in Fuerteventura to put in place social emergency cards

The Ayuntamiento of Tuineje, with its Social Services Council, plans on activating soon a new tool for families that find themselves in a situation of social emergency. Those cards are emitted by the Ayuntamiento and will help families with money that is destined to first necessity food and can be used in any supermarket on the island “so that they can take advantage of offers available in food departments”, explained Tuineje's Social Services councillor, Lucía Cubas. This new payment method provides families with a dignified and anonymous way to pay in the shops without having to present vouchers at the till and on the other hand, it makes the control easier on the purchases carried out because, in order to put more money on the card, they must present the ticket of previous purchases. “This way, we can control that the money isn't used for alcohol, sweets or food for pets, for example”, explains the councillor. Although initially those social cards were only aimed at the purchase of food and objects of first necessity, the councillor added that they also aim at making it work for other purchases such as school material.

Tuineje celebrates the declaration of National Tourism Interest of the celebrations in honour of Saint Michael the Archangel

The Ayuntamiento celebrated the announcement last month from the Tourism State Secretary saying that the Celebrations in Honour of Saint Michael the Archangel had the title of Celebrations of National Tourism Interest. This is the first such title for celebrations on the island. The celebrations in honour of Saint Michael the Archangel commemorate the historical events that took place in 1740, with two invasions from English pirates, one in October and the other in November of that same year. They ended with the emblematic battles of Tamasite and El Cuchillete when the population of the municipality of Tuineje won against the English looters who came from the sea.