Meeting with the Coastal Department regarding the “protection wall” in Giniginámar

Recently, a meeting took place at the Ayuntamiento of Tuineje regarding the start of the project of a “protection wall” for the village of Giniginámar. The meeting took place between the mayor, Esther Hernández, Fuerteventura's senator, Paloma Hernández, the deputy director of the Maritime and Terrestrial Public Domain, Ainhoa Pérez, and the chief of the Coastal Territory, Alberto Martín. During this meeting, the needs of the village of Giniginámar were discussed regarding the lack of protection for the houses located on the seafront. As it was pointed out one month ago, the Ayuntamiento had planned to meet with the deputy director and the chief of the Coastal Territory “to speed up the project that has been talked about for years, and that the municipal government of the past term had let expire, because of the emergency situation”, commented the mayor, Esther Hernández. “We are collaborating with the Ayuntamiento to progress on the projects that are part of the State's responsibility. In this instance, it is a very important project for Giniginámar, a demand that was presented a long time ago, and will improve the safety of the coast in that area”, adds Paloma Hernández, senator for Fuerteventura.


The Ayuntamiento inaugurates the new Manuel Velázquez Cabrera Street

Tuineje's Ayuntamiento has completed the roadworks that started, in November 2021, in Calle (Street) Manuel Velázquez Cabrera, in order to carry out improvements that were requested by users. This is one of the main streets of Gran Tarajal because of the level of traffic caused by the presence of the Cristóbal García Blairzy school on that street. The initiative is going to improve the traffic and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, considering the level of activity during the school's opening time. Therefore, a pedestrian area has been created which will provide the safety that users requested.