The Ayuntamiento extends the opening hours of the Technical Office

The Ayuntamiento has announced the extension of the opening hours of the Municipal Technical Office that from the 19th July onwards will be open to the public Monday through to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. This means that it will be open for five days per week rather than four days as it did until now. The Urbanism Council points out that to improve the service, people interested can make an appointment online on the municipal website: or by telephone on 928 86 19 04 (extension 262) or at the Ayuntamiento. .


The Ayuntamiento fits new street lighting between El Roque and El Cotillo

The Ayuntamiento carries on with the renovation plan on the streets of the municipality, in this instance with the replacement of the street lighting between El Roque and El Cotillo with 30 new LED Street lights of the latest generation. This means large savings for the ayuntamiento and the taxpayers and a positive impact on the environment because of the lower emissions of gasses due to the lower energy consumption and a reduction in light pollution as the new street lights are aimed at the ground. .