La Oliva congratulates the Canarian Motocross Champions, Óscar Guerra and Araitz Perales

The Municipality of La Oliva has two outstanding motocross champions, Óscar Guerra and Araitz Perales who were proclaimed Champions of the Canaries in their respective categories after competing during the last day of the circuit in October in Puerto del Rosario. Óscar Guerra Nóbrega was proclaimed champion in the MX1 Elite category with his Kawasaki. The 29-year-old pilot from Villaverde started competing in 2011 in the enduro modality and then went on to motocross at island and regional levels until reaching the highest level of the podium. Guerra became the leader on the last day of the championship with 15 points ahead. After finishing second in the two legs, he stepped on the second step of the podium to conquer the Canarian Championship. As for the 11-year-old Araitz Perales Alonso, who is a young promise in this discipline, in addition to the Canarian Championship of 65 cc, MX65 that he easily won, he participated at the same time in the Madrid championship and in the national championship and obtained very good results in both competitions, despite the inconvenient of having to keep on travelling to Mainland Spain. At this stage of the season and with all the tiredness accumulated, Araitz Perales still has two challenges of the Madrid Championship where is currently is in third position on the general ranking and amongst the first 10 of 40 participants in the national ranking. At the demand of the motocross community, La Oliva's Ayuntamiento has started working on the project of creating a circuit in the municipality, «Something that is really necessary so that people practising this sport don't have to travel and also for this to become a training site in the north of Fuerteventura, which is quite suited to it», indicated the councillor. Araitz Perales' parents said to be quite pleased also as this means that « they will have a circuit where they can train and improve their technique » and they thanked the support from the Majorero Motocross family as well as Fuerteventura's Cabildo, the Clinic Sport, La Oliva's Ayuntamiento and Cristalería Corralejo. .


The Traffic Council reminds the population that vehicles parked on the public roads can be fined and towed away if they don't have up to date documents

La Oliva's Ayuntamiento reminds the population about the law regarding vehicles parked on public roads. The Local Police force has announced that vehicles parked, even if they are not driven, must have up to date documents such as third-party insurance or the MOT. After carrying out a campaign of vigilance and follow-up, the municipal police force has started sending notifications to the owners of those vehicles and in case they don't reply, the procedure will follow with the Traffic Headquarters that can then ask for the vehicle to be towed away. The Ayuntamiento also offers the opportunity to deregister voluntarily the vehicle and for it to be taken to an authorised scrapyard free of charge. The police force has also presented reports to the Traffic Headquarters when it has been detected that the vehicle doesn't have insurance or MOT because of the danger that it presents to other road users in case of an accident. Not complying with the Law on Residue in the Canaries can carry a fine of up to 6.000 Euros and the vehicle can be taken to a scrapyard. Furthermore, vehicles that don't have a valid MOT can be fined 200 Euros and 800 Euros for not having an up to date insurance.


7 medals for Club Malpaisomys in the regional Outdoor Archery Regional League

The Canarian Circuit of Outdoor Archery ended in October. It was organised by the Canarian Archery Association (ATIRCA) and the Club Malpaisomys achieved very good results with seven medals of which two league champion titles, two runner-up titles and a third place. Furthermore, after this league event celebrated in Gran Canaria, the regional competition by qualifying rounds took place, the X Trofeo Atlántico de Tiro con Arco. During this competition, the Majorero team showed its abilities by obtaining another five medals in various modalities with three champion titles and one runner-up. We should point out the achievements of Carlos Pey and Liam de Castell, champions in both competitions, respectively in the Olympic Bow and Instinctive Bow under-14 categories; Pippa White, champion and runner-up in Silver Olympic Bow; Rubén Iniesta with a third place and a champion title; and Ione Acosta, with two runner-up titles in Olympic Bow under-14.