The Consultative Council agrees to end the authorisation granted temporarily 15 years ago for Pájara's markets

The Canarian Consultative Council, in its decree 271/2019 of 11th July, has agreed to the expiry of the temporary authorisation that dates back 15 years ago, on 18th November 2004, for the organisation of markets in various municipal plots in Morro Jable and Costa Calma. Consequently, the Ayuntamiento signed on 24th July 2019 the decree 2602 that puts an end to this authorisation by declaring it void, which puts an end to the procedure that started halfway through 2018. This means that the markets can no longer take place on those municipal plots. The ayuntamiento is starting an administrative procedure to standardise the organisation of those markets through a new public licence. On the other hand, the company concerned announced on 6th August 2019 its intention to appeal against the expiry of the temporary authorisation and that they intend to ask for the suspension of the administrative decree that stops them from carrying on with their activity (Decree 2602 of 24th July 2019). The notification of the suspension applies immediately.