Over one hundred volunteers collect one and a half ton of waste from Cofete's beach

Over one hundred volunteers, entities and citizen associations participated this year again in the day of beach cleaning called ''Limpia Cofete'' that took place on Sunday 10th March. This volunteering event is part of the European public spaces' cleaning campaign called ''Let's Clean Up Europe'', an initiative that organises every year more than 1.500 cleaning actions on various beaches in Europe. The Environment and Beaches' councils of Pájara, managed by Farés Sosa Rodríguez and Jorge Martín Brito, collaborate in this activity since its first edition in 2014 in order to bring awareness amongst the population on the presence of waste on the beaches. According to the mayor of Pájara, Rafael Perdomo Betancor, ''it is essential to keep on supporting this citizen mobilisation in order to face this worldwide problem of presence of waste and plastic in the oceans''. The fifth edition of ''Limpia Cofete'' was a real success and one and a half ton of waste, plastic, nets and ropes were collected. ''Limpia Cofete'' started five years ago with a call on Facebook by the Cofete beach users. .


The Ayuntamiento organises an activities' programme based on equality and prevention of bullying at school

The Social Services' Council of Pájara's Ayuntamiento, managed by Farés Sosa, created a programme of activities for the months of March, April and May. The activities aim at preventing bullying at school and bringing awareness of equality. A family gym day was organised on 8th March in the pedestrian streets of Morro Jable for the celebration of International Women's Day when 50 children spent an entertaining and different afternoon with their families. Pájara's Social Services' Council also organised various workshops. A workshop called ''Urban art and stories for equality'' was organised on 13th March in Pájara then, on 20th and 27th in Costa Calma and in La Lajita, and in Morro Jable on 3rd April. In April and May, primary school students of all the municipality's schools will take part in the workshop called ''Educating on Equality'' that aims at bringing awareness on equality, violence and gender stereotypes. The Mayor of Pájara, Rafael Perdomo, commented that such workshops ''bring ideas to make changes towards equal relations, in order to adopt decisions of changes in known situations for good treatments and include students in the creation of those equal relations, promoting the rejection of any type of violence. Furthermore, children are taught important values such as self-esteem and resolution of conflicts''. Also, further to the demands made to the Social Services' Department of Pájara, a workshop called ''Bullying at school: what do you do about it ?'' (Acoso escolar: y tú, ¿qué pintas en esto?) will be organised on 6th and 10th May for the pupils of 6th year of primary in all the Municipality's schools. The activity called ''Pedaleando en Igualdad'' (pedalling in equality) will take place on 10th May. It will include activities of cycling for young children, mural painting of gender stereotypes and a bicycle ride for equality. The activity will take place in the pedestrian streets of Morro Jable from 5 pm onwards and is aimed at the whole family. .


The town of Morro Jable pays tribute to Maestro Floro

Neighbours from Morro Jable and other locations on the island paid tribute last month to Maestro Floro, the musician from Gran Canaria who had moved to the southern town in the early nineties and where he created various music groups and taught popular music to various generations of young people. Families, neighbours and musicians from various locations in the Canaries paid tribute to the legacy that Maestro Floro left in the municipality of Pájara. An emotional video was shown of Florencio Pérez Cabrera, known as Maestro Floro who died six years ago in Morro Jable. He had arrived in Morro Jable in 1991 with his wife María del Carmen González Francés. Florencio, or Floro, as he was commonly known, was born in Gran Canaria. He became an orphan really early and was brought up by an aunt. Soon, the child showed abilities in music. He won a few music contests and with his music group, he played in various locations in Gran Canaria. Slowly, Floro became a known voice all over the island. Thanks to music, he travelled to mainland Spain like Barcelona and in Europe in Germany and Holland. In his homeland of Gran Canaria, Floro shared the stage with artists such as Los Bandama. Later, with his wife, they moved to Morro Jable. They opened a bar called Bar Casa Antonio. In Fuerteventura, he created the Street band called Parranda Majorera with his son Juan and three other musicians. Later, he created the group La Hubara that played at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur). He was the voice that went with the pictures of sun and beaches that Fuerteventura used in order to attract visitors. The name Maestro Floro is also linked to the teaching of folklore and the work carried out to preserve the popular music and culture in the municipality of Pájara. .


The ayuntamiento presents two books of poems and rimes on the municipality

The Ayuntamiento presented two books on the municipality. A tribute to two local authors of Morro Jable: two Majoreros in love with their homeland, Andrés González Francés with his book of poems ''Pájara en verso, de Sotavento a Barlovento'', and Miguel Viera Díaz with his rimes contained in his book ''Sopla del sur''. The two books are a reflexion of the feelings, emotions and expressions of deep rooting and love for the people and the land where they were born, converting romance into poetry. .