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"Science and school radio gather over six hundred students during “Encuentros bajo el cielo” "

Rock stacking is a trend that happens all over the world and according to experts it as consequences such as alteration of the landscape and it can even create environmental problems. Further to a call from La Oliva's ayuntamiento, around 50 volunteers went last month to El Tostón's lighthouse in El Cotillo. This is an area where those stone mounds have appeared regularly.

The Tourism council and the Telesforo Bravo Foundation have initiated together a campaign called “ Pasa Sin Huella Por La Oliva” (Don't leave a trace in La Oliva) that explains how to dismantle those stone stacks without damaging the environment, amongst other recommendations and good environmental practices. Jaime Coello, from the Telesforo Bravo Foundation, explained to the participants how to place the stones back into their place in order to put the environment back into its original state. “Stone stacks don't only affect the landscape, they also damage the environment. We must learn to leave the stones where they are, on the ground, because moving them creates an alteration of the habitat. Stones don't only provide a refuge for animal and vegetal species, in a windy area like this one, they also contribute to slowing down erosion”. How to dismantle stone stacks Stone stacks are a practice that is deep-rooted in some cultures all over the world, “either as a ritual, old customs or to mark territory and paths”, said Coello. In places like in El Cotillo, stacking stones doesn't have any usefulness. It is just a mimetic effect.

People see a stone stack and they put up another one. We want to teach people that the landscape looks nicer in its natural state”. Both the Ayuntamiento of La Oliva and the Foundation work mostly on raising awareness. “What can we do? Well, first of all, we explain, raise awareness in schools and directly to tourists. We inform them that there is a Coastal Law that forbids stone stacking. If it doesn't work, other measures will have to be implemented, such as fines”.

Other practices that damage the environment The environmental campaign “Pasa Sin Huella Por La Oliva” has been developed for the past few months by La Oliva's Ayuntamiento in collaboration with the Telesforo Bravo Foundation. It aims at raising awareness on the importance of preserving the environment in its natural state, considering the more and more frequent appearance of human alterations such as carvings on fossil sand dunes, paintings on buildings of heritage value, stone stacking, etc.

At the beginning of March, a day was organised with experts in various sectors who explained those problems and how they affect the territory, not only visually but also by damaging natural spaces, archaeological sites or assets of cultural interest. In the same manner, chats were organised in schools to work with the local population and other initiatives are planned with the tourism sector in order to bring that campaign to visitors.


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