Local News Fuerteventura
August, 2019 2.00

"Fuerteventura's Cabildo's Government group meets with the Island's mayors "

The president of Fuerteventura's Cabildo, Blas Acosta, together with the rest of the government team had a first encounter with the island's mayors in order to find out the demands and projects in each municipality and offer the Cabildo's collaboration. In addition to the president, the two deputy presidents of the Cabildo were present also, Alejandro Jorge and Andrés Briansó, as well as the other councillors. The mayors who participated were the mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Juan Jiménez; the mayor of Antigua, Matías Peña; the mayor of Betancuria, Marcelino Cerdeña; the mayor of Pájara, Miguel Ángel Graffigna and the lady mayor of Tuineje, Candelaria Umpiérrez, the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, was unable to attend. Blas Acosta told the mayors that the legislation on the statutes of the CAAF would take place as a matter of urgency in order to carry out a professional restructuring of it and make it more efficient on an administrative level. They also plan on making it financially viable. The Cabildo's president also invited the mayors to take part in the next meeting with their Tourism councillors in order to make decisions together regarding the current tourism situation, mostly regarding Germany that is the first emitting destination of tourists for Fuerteventura. Furthermore, he indicated that it would be convenient for mayors to go with some European Tour Operators in order to deal with the casuistry and problematic at the point of origin. The president also asked the mayors to coordinate with their Social Matters' Councillor and with the school directors of their municipalities regarding the school meals. The objective is to know if there are any school children whose families cannot cover the costs of the school meals so that the Cabildo can help in those instances. On the other hand, the first deputy president, Alejandro Jorge, announced that the Cabildo's government would be a government “that is close and whose competences will be developed to be at the service of Fuerteventura's population”. The second deputy president, Andrés Briansó, thanked warmly the mayors for their cooperation and indicated on behalf of the Cabildo and the other Councillors that “they were here to respond to the population's expectations”.