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Octubre 2018 2.00

"Discovery of remains of a native village in the Cave of Villaverde"

Further to the archaeological excavation in the Cave of Villaverde, the investigation carried out this summer in this site discovered in 1979 has shown its importance. La Oliva's ayuntamiento has, therefore, sent the researchers in charge of the municipal government's interest in order to support the project for its next phases. After two months of work, Arenisca Arqueología y Patrimonio have finished their initial phase in this research project that was initiated by the Canarian Government through their Cultural Heritage General Department, with the collaboration of Fuerteventura's Cabildo, the Historical Heritage services, La Oliva's ayuntamiento, who owns the plot where the site is located.

The large quantity of archaeological material excavated still has to be catalogued and studied, but the first hypothesis from the researchers indicate that the Cave of Villaverde – a volcanic tube where in 1979 a particular tomb was discovered that contained an adult and a child's skeletons set in a strange position with the child located on the man's head – is considered as a reference archaeological site in the Canaries. The reactivation of the research has demonstrated the existence the presence of structures that probably extend to the areas that haven't been excavated yet inside and outside the cave. Furthermore, a large quantity of materials has been found which suggests that the occupation of this space went on for centuries.

The team from Arenisca has recovered thousands of fragments (300 bags of material) that include ceramics, sea shells, animal bones, “and not only livestock bones such as goats or sheep, but also marine animals such as cetaceans'', ''large quantities of ashes that support the idea that the cave was used for a very long time, refined manufacturing tools and even some decorative elements that confirm the great complexity of this culture'', explained Derque Castellano, archaeologist in the team. The site of Villaverde is also the ''only site where bones of monk seals have appeared'', and in this second excavation, they also found pig bones. Those are truly exciting archaeological finds that motivate us to keep on working'', indicated the research director, Rosa López.


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