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March, 2019 2.00

"MENTOUR programme from the University Foundation of Las Palmas for Fuerteventura "

The Deputy President and Tourism Councillor of Fuerteventura's Cabildo, Blas Acosta, recently met with the Dean residents on the island to receive the new Canarian Resident Voucher that is in operation since last December in the interurban public transport. The vouchers were handed out by the president of Fuerteventura's Cabildo, Marcial Morales, the Transports' councillor, José Roque Pérez and the councillor from Pájara, Ángeles Acosta. The Canarian Resident Voucher is an initiative that includes the participation of the Council of Public Projects and Transports of the Canarian Government and Fuerteventura's Cabildo that allows the holder to can travel unrestricted on the island with the interurban transport service at the unique price of 20 Euros. The president of the Cabildo, Marcial Morales, indicated that “for the Cabildo, it is a priority to promote mobility of our population, which has become a basic necessity on such as large island; it promotes a sustainable and modern transport model, providing equal conditions for everyone living in Fuerteventura, independently of where they live”. On the other hand, the island's transport councillor, José Roque Pérez explained that the “Canarian Resident Voucher is a clear improvement for the budget of interurban transport users on the island, which is in keeping with the savings politics that the Transport Council initiated”. Mr. Roque explained that “our series of vouchers that allow, amongst other improvements, to travel for one Euro, now include the Canarian Resident Voucher that provides even more savings”. The savings' programme was put in place by Fuerteventura's Cabildo at the beginning of the term includes discount vouchers for students, large families, retired people, disabled people and carer and the vouchers that are completely free of charge for people aged over 80 years old, amongst others, of which 31.600 have been emitted.


March 2019MENTOUR programme from the University Foundation of Las Palmas for Fuerteventura

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