Local News Fuerteventura
March 2020 2.00

Presentation of the documentary from Laura Squinobal “De Séneca Falls a Fuerteventura”

“De Séneca Falls a Fuerteventura” is a documentary created by Laura Squinobal Comiso that deals with feminist women in Fuerteventura. For a few decades, many of them have been fighting for equality, for women's rights and to improve social, educational, health and political conditions for women in Fuerteventura's society. The vision of young women is also a fundamental side of this film. They explain how they got into feminism, what it means for them, where they find spaces to speak about feminist subjects, what policies or norms there are on the island regarding equality, amongst other things. “The idea came from the necessity to find material or sources that speak about feminism in Fuerteventura” Laura tells us. “From this necessity, I started looking for articles, interviews, notes, columns, books or films. I found very few articles, mentions about women, in a very sporadic way. It is true that many activities, events or encounters that happened a few years ago, don't talk about feminism like we know it now, but it was the starting point of the path that many women have taken. We now recognise feminism, as a concept but also as an attitude and a way to get involved and emphasise on this social and political movement”. “Audiovisual language seemed the most appropriate to start creating this material that would represent feminism as we know it, or as we are getting to know it on the island. This is why, in March 2018, with my camera in hand, I started with the interviews. For the past two years and until now, the documentary has been taking shape and it will be presented to the public in March 2020”. The documentary will be shown for the first time on the 6th of March 2020 in Puerto del Rosario's Auditorium.

Ayuntamiento La Oliva