March, 2019

"The Canaries, Mountain bike territory"

Burning calories and toning muscles while enjoying the fresh air and mountainous landscapes is the perfect combination to discover the nicest areas of the Canary Islands. Suited to all levels, we can enjoy tracks trough bushy woods, arid volcanic steppes and El color gris landscapes. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the Canary Islands amongst both tourists and locals. There is such a high demand that bicycle rental agencies can be found easily and many hotels have now adapted to the necessities of cyclists.

Mountain bike routes in Fuerteventura

In all the Canary Islands, we can find mountain bike routes and in Fuerteventura, there are routes that start from 15 kilometres up to 80 kilometres long, depending on the level of the cyclist. For example, the excursion on the Island of Lobos, which is separated by a river called El Río, consists of 23 kilometres and is a popular location to enjoy the flora and fauna of the area. You will need to take the boat from Corralejo and once on the islet of Lobos you can visit the lighthouse of Punto Martino and the upper part of La Caldera. It is a way to exercise and discover a completely desert island.

Pedalling around the volcano of Chinyero in Tenerife

This is a 70-kilometre route and the highest point is at 1728 metres. It starts in La Esperanza and goes across the North side of Tenerife until Santiago del Teide. It uses wide tracks that are in good condition. The course goes through Canarian pine forests and goes up to the highest point of the course until it goes back down to Valle de La Orotava. From that track, El Teide seems to rotate to keep on showing us its impressive north face. Finally, we reach El Tanque before facing the last run from where we will contemplate the lava flows of the Chinyero volcano.

For mountaineering experts

The mountain bike route that goes through the Southeast of Gran Canaria is short but very technical and intense. It is only 50 kilometres long and has an accumulated gradient of 1130 metres. It goes through marvellous barrancos such as Agüimes and on the course we will admire the beautiful coastline and interior landscapes. It leaves the coastline to go up through hills until the village of Fataga, an ideal location to take a break. Then, the track takes us on a tough course through the valley of Fataga and through the volcano fields of Rosiana. After going back down on a tarmac road, we take a detour that takes us through the largest El color gris reserves in Spain, La Sorrueda, filled with palm trees that lead us to the archaeological site of the Ansite fortress. After so much beauty, we will only need to make one more effort to cycle up the hill that takes us back to Agüimes.

A route through the volcanos

On the island of La Palma, there is a 35-kilometre track that goes through forests. It starts from the centre of the island and the track goes around the volcanic sands of the Cumbre Vieja. The track lets us see the sea on one side and the perfectly aligned volcanic cones on the other. There are options adapted to any level and for any time of the year, which makes the Canary Islands a perfect location to enjoy sports and landscapes.


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The Canaries, Mountain bike territory

The Canaries, Mountain bike territory

Burning calories and toning muscles while enjoying the fresh air and mountainous landscapes is
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