"New Year resolutions"

Every year, at the sound of the twelve rings of the bells and the toast, the new year starts with good resolutions. To stop smoking, register at the gym or eat healthily are some of the most common ones. However, for many, it stops there, in a resolution that never becomes reality. So that they don't get forgotten about, it is necessary to follow some advice that will help to be realistic and work towards that objective. There is a study carried out by the National Center for Biotechnological Information that demonstrates that 22% of people who make a new year resolution will give up a week later. It increases to 40% after one month and to 50% after three months.

Steps to achieve your resolutions

When we decide to make a resolution, it is advisable to start quickly because motivation is the main drive that helps towards the achievement. It is important to start them one at a time instead of all twelve, as tends to happen on New Year's Day. The objective is to concentrate, achieve it and manage to create a reaction that will get us to search for new resolutions. This is why we must train our willpower and self-control as both are essential if we want to achieve our resolutions. Another advice is to write it down so that it is not an invisible thought, but something we can have close by to look at and put into action. The study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology has demonstrated that people who write down their New Year resolutions are ten times more likely to change their behaviour and reach their goals compared to people who don't do it. We must be realistic. Often, we choose resolutions that are almost impossible to achieve and it can get frustrating. They should be an achievable reality, some habits that we truly want to change or incorporate into the new year. This is why it is recommended to split the main objective into small achievements, which means that the first one will be easy to achieve and it will become the first step towards the plan required to achieve the main objective.

The strength of determination

In any procedure, the key to success is determination. The best advice is to practice daily what we want to achieve in order to reach extraordinary results. At times, we may fail, but we must get up again and keep on trying until we learn from our mistakes. In order not to fall into a routine when working on those achievements will become tedious, it is recommended to have goals at short, medium and long-term. This way, we can visualise what it will be like and what needs to be achieved at each stage.

Share your resolutions

Informing your family and friends of your resolutions can also help. It is a way to make them aware of your objective and to be there when you get frustrated or need to be reminded of your objective. Therefore, we can achieve anything if we work step by step with determination and motivation. This is the only way we can be part of that 8% of people who manage to achieve their new year resolutions.



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