July, 2019

"Sports and children: advice for this explosive combination in summer "

With the beginning of summer and school holidays, it is advisable to practise sports with our children. This habit should be promoted from the early years because of the benefits of it such as the improvement of their self-esteem, of their concentration capacity, the reduction of the risk of overweight and it helps them to get better sleep. It also helps children to be more sociable, to cooperate in a group and to create a healthy habit for their free time during their holidays. Teaching the values of sports will also help them have better behaviour when they get to teenage years and will prevent them from having sedentary habits such as watching TV or playing video games for hours on end.

Advice to get young children to practise sports

Physical activity is totally recommended for children of all ages, there are only a few cases when children can't practise sports, like because of some diseases for example. Parents tend to take advantage of extracurricular sports for their children, which is a good option as long as children agree, otherwise, they will get bored of that activity. They should practise sports every day in order to create habits. Experts recommend at least 60 minutes of exercise for children aged between 5 and 17 years old. When they are still young, if the whole family practises sports, it will help them get into the habit when they grow older. As for the choice of discipline, paediatricians recommend for children to play games in order to learn, play and develop and when they become teenagers, they can choose the sport they prefer. There are various possibilities depending on age, but this healthy habit can be transmitted to unborn babies with yoga classes for pregnant women.

Sports with the family

During the school year, it is difficult to find time to exercise as a family. This is why holidays are the best time to plan activities together. It is a way for everyone to have fun and improve communication between all family members. It is advisable to practise sports outdoors during the hours when it isn't too hot. A walk in nature, a football match, a relay or obstacle race or a ride on bicycles are some of the sports that the whole family can enjoy together and it is a way for children to learn to lose and win. Swimming is one of children's favourite activities, there is nothing better than a dive in the pool to refresh ourselves. From six months onwards, we can familiarise children to the aquatic environment and it is the most popular activity in summer.

Advice for the summer

It is very important to keep in mind a few points when practising sports during the hottest months. In order to prevent problems in the sun, it is better to avoid the hottest hours of the day and wear light coloured and loose-fitting clothes. Children must stay hydrated and drink a lot of water... even if they are not thirsty! Finally, practising sports outdoors means that we must keep an eye on them, not too much, but we must remain attentive. If they are really young, it is advisable to make them wear a bracelet with our telephone number in case of emergency.