June 2022

The nap recharges our energy


What we used to call a nap is now known as a “powernap”, which is much more adapted, because sleeping for a short time at midday, recharges our energy levels and makes us more efficient for up to three additional hours. Nighttime sleep reinforces our immune system and stimulates the memory and learning abilities of the brain. Whereas, the midday nap increases our concentration capacity and our productivity. It makes us feel more awake, and attentive and also makes our mood more balanced. A powernap is also beneficial in the long term. It does not only make us feel more fresh and awake, but from a medical point of view, it increases our life expectancy and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. We often hear, “I feel more tired after a nap than before!”. It is true that if we sleep too long when we wake up, we feel lethargic and without any energy. Ideally, we should nap after lunch or early in the afternoon, and for no more than 20 minutes. If we sleep longer, we enter into the Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM). During that phase, we dream and feel emotions, our blood pressure increases, and our cardiac rhythm and breathing become irregular. It is not surprising that when we wake up, we don’t feel relaxed. We discover the ideal length of our nap by experimenting. The more energy we have after a nap, the closer we are to the perfect duration of our Powernap.