Advantages of family constellations

"Advantages of family constellations"

The base of Family Constellations is Love and Unity, just like Christmas. We take advantage of this time to open our heart and think about our loved ones we excluded. Whether they are with us or not. Start to interiorise them and give them the space that belongs to them in our family and especially in our heart, it is good for the whole family clan; and you can't imagine how much healing you are creating. Forget about how things happened and how much it hurt, because surely they did the best they knew how and could at the time. Let’s try to see them with Love, Love for the good, Love of the one who sees, as I call it. With this little grain of sand, we will do big things for our family that goes way beyond the rational understanding, and without knowing why, at some moment, this knot will release itself and a situation in our life will unexpectedly improve. The magic of Christmas? The magic of Love? I wish you a Christmas filled with Love for you and your entire family. Merry Christmas


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