Local News Fuerteventura
July, 2019

Wheat soup with a royal of goat milk for the culinary demonstration

The Italian Chef, Simone Paglia, took part in a show-cooking during the programme « De la Gavia a la Mesa » (from the field to the table) that took place during the Feaga Fair in Fuerteventura. The chef elaborated various dishes using only products from the Island. Paglia prepared a wheat and oat soup mixed with royal of goat milk from Fuerteventura flavoured with saffron and thyme. Furthermore, the chef prepared guacamole with avocados and olive oil presented on a crunchy biscuit shaped like the island of Fuerteventura.

With the programme « De la Gavia a la Mesa », Fuerteventura's Cabildo included in the Feaga Fair the promotion of the « zero kilometre » consumption concept, with products from the island, through a series of demonstrations with chefs from fifteen different restaurants, coordinated by the chef Marcos Gutiérrez. They also organised conferences on how to incorporate Canarian cheeses in dishes and matching them with wines from La Palma and also how to include goat meat in dishes.