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Sea water and New Germanic Medicine

The knowledge of the Five Biological Laws brought by Dr Hamer (1935 – 2017), are the essential pillars of the New Germanic Medicine and important support for the prescribers of sea water as therapy. Dr Teresa Ilari is a pioneer in this field. She has been practising for over fifteen years with marine therapy in a clinic in Managua and complements it since 2010 with the knowledge brought by the New Germanic Medicine developed and demonstrated scientifically by the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer.


This new model establishes it its first law that what we call diseases are in fact phases of a special natural programme that makes biological sense and whose origin comes from an impact or conflict, very serious, dramatic and lived as an isolation and totally unexpected, that affects at the same time three levels: psychological, the brain and the organ. When the person sees their ailments through the knowledge of New Germanic Medicine, apart from freeing the person from the fears, mostly diseases such as cancer and when they are accompanied by herbal medicine, homoeopathy and/or sea water, they help minimise the symptoms and speed up the process of recovery depending on the phase of the disease. )