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Nov, 2018

Do you know about los Soles de Tejate?

This archaeological site will be proposed as an Asset of Cultural Interest

Fuerteventura's Cabildo has received the request from a group of researchers from the Astronomy Association of Fuerteventura for the two “Soles de Tejate” (Suns of Tejate) to be declared Assets of Cultural Interest. The objective is for the site to obtain the support from all the Ayuntamiento's groups in La Oliva and become a protected area.The remains of that site, as they are now, blend in with their environment, which means that from the ground level, they are invisible. It is only from the air that the circular structures made of stones put together can be seen.

Aboriginal construction

The archeo-astronomical site is a unique construction because of its precise and ingenious geometrical design. Each one of the “soles” (suns) is made of a circular shape of about 34 metres in diameter, from which a series of straight walls start, 59 of them in total. Furthermore, amongst them, we can also see another circle of the same diameter as the others with another five circles attached around it.

Study of los Soles de Tejate

The study carried out by Carlos Vera shows something that surprised him, which is the perfect alignment of those two structures with the East-West line or the equinox line”, points out Vera. His research shows that the “radial walls are not perfectly aligned with the centre of the circle as we could expect, but they all have some kind of deviation. One day, he decided to extend the central line of each corridor toward the centre of the circle in order to check if they created some kind of geometrical pattern with the points where the lines cross”, he indicated. For the researcher, the design of the walls was deliberately created in a tangential direction towards a circular trajectory that goes around the centre. “This ingenious design of the corridors is made in a way that if we walk along this circular path that goes around the altar, moving in the same direction as what the god Magec (the sun) does every day, meaning, from the East to the West and through the South, therefore, we can see how the corridors open letting us see the corresponding sectors of the horizon where we can see the stars appear and disappear”, explains Vera.

Maximum protection

In 2017, the Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente made investigations with La Oliva's Ayuntamiento's technicians after observing that part of one of the circles had been destroyed. Approximately 25% had been destroyed and the other half had already disappeared before. For the archaeologist and pioneer in the study of the site, Antonia Perera, “The site that is located on private land is not the main problem as the land benefits from an integral protection, within natural spaces, but a greater grade of protection is necessary in order to guarantee its safety”, she pointed out.


Do you know about los Soles de Tejate?

This archaeological site will be proposed as an Asset of Cultural Interest ...

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