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Inauguration of the shop of the Association of Creative Craft makers of Fuerteventura in Betancuria
June 2022

Inauguration of the shop of the Association of Creative Craft makers of Fuerteventura in Betancuria

Marcos Martinez is the president of the Association of Creative Craft makers of Fuerteventura, and he is very enthusiastic because, after a lot of work, processes and bureaucracy, finally, they have been able to inaugurate the craft shop in Betancuria, where craft makers will be able to exhibit and sell their creations.

When did you open to the public?

On May 19th, in the presence of various personalities from the Cabildo and the Ayuntamiento, who have also helped us. In truth, the collaboration of Domingo Pérez was essential for this project. I am also thankful to our accountant, Ulises Reyes, for all the administrative work he did for us.

Tell us, whereabout is the shop?

It is next door to the Archaeological Museum, it used to be the Cabildo’s shop for the sale of craft work, it remained closed for six years, and two years ago, we asked the Cabildo if we could use the space, which they agreed to. We have renovated and remodelled it, with many hours of work to bring it up to date and open to the public.

Did you receive any help from the administration?

Yes, we did, they gave us €17.000 last year, for the renovations, which enabled us to replace the shelves, floor, lighting and to purchase a cash register. And this year, we have managed to come to an agreement with the Cabildo to enable us to pay for the permits and the wages of the employee.

Will you all be represented in the shop?

Although there are many members, they are not all registered, which is a compulsory condition together with the craft maker’s licence to be allowed to exhibit their creations. Only 10 of us are exhibiting right now, but we are open to new members and exhibitors. I hope that craft makers will be inspired and will join us to expand the offer of craft work available in the shop, as it is what makes it interesting. Furthermore, they will be able to take part in the Online shop, that recently opened, as well as in the courses and workshops that we organise all over the island, in schools, residences and ayuntamientos. I believe that the concept of this shop is very interesting, as we only pay 10% for the shop's working fees, whereas if we sell in other shops, we need to give up at least 50% to the hosting shop. Here, it is almost like a direct sale, and Betancuria has changed a lot, there is a lot more activity with visitors, especially since the Archaeological Museum opened.