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July, 2019

Rest and relaxation: the most demanded spa treatments

Let yourself get pampered by nature and by the best professionals

Visiting a spa is a synonym of rest and relaxation. Moreover, if you can do it in a fabulous location like the Canary Islands that unite nature and their experience in wellbeing tourism, the experience can only be better. Few plans can provide more pleasure than spending a few hours receiving all kinds of treatments with water, oil and clay.

Benefits of escaping for a few hours in a spa

Being able to relax improves the quality of life and it is basic to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Many doctors and physiotherapists recommend therapies based on water that help relieve muscular and joint pain, they prevent tiredness and increase the flexibility of muscles, amongst many other physical benefits. On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that one of the main reasons for going to a spa is a psychological one: isolating ourselves from the outside world is the objective. Emotional tensions disappear, stress is reduced and our state of mind is improved. However, another reason why people go to wellness centres is to improve their physical aspect. We can get hands and feet treatments, exfoliations and facials that have rejuvenating effects.

A spa outdoors

The Canarian archipelago has four natural resources used in therapies that make it an authentic and unique outdoor spa. Its water, air, sun and sand turn it into the greatest relaxing centre in the world. The water of the Atlantic contains 89 elements that are present in our organism. One of the benefits of swimming in the ocean is the great number of vitamins for the skin, which improves acne, eczema or wounds. The marine breeze of the coasts in the Canaries is charged with minerals and negative ions that have relaxing effects. Therefore, walking along the shore brings nutrients and hydration to the skin and improves the breathing system. On the other hand, the sun, source of D vitamin, is vital for the absorption of calcium and the prevention of diseases such as high blood pressure and muscular pain. Finally, the sand allows us to relax on a towel that is impregnated with the benefits of the sea water and is undoubtedly excellent at exfoliating naturally and many wellness centres use it.

The most demanded treatments

There are many and they are varied, but in the Canary Islands, mud baths are the most demanded. The volcanic soil is rich in geothermal water, minerals and oligo-elements; it is applied to the skin as clay and helps improve the exterior aspect of the skin and the state of bones and muscles. On the other hand, another demanded treatment is vino-therapy. A really efficient treatment to clean and purify the skin thanks to the blood flow stimulation, it also reduces swelling of the abdomen and firms up the buttock. Aloe-therapy is also very demanded, based on aloe vera, it is demanded for its benefits for the skin. This is a body treatment, a peeling, where the body is wrapped up in aloe vera, followed by a relaxing massage. Finally, thalassotherapy joins up water, seaweed and clay as well as other substances extracted from the sea water and is applied as baths, showers or pressure jets