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March, 2019

The best banana worldwide

Symbol of the Canary Islands, it has gone across borders and managed unique achievements

With a sweet taste and high nutritional value, the banana is a tropical fruit that is greatly appreciated and easy to eat. Recommended for people of all ages, it finds its place in almost every diet. It is cultivated in more than a hundred countries and has a high content in carbohydrates and is rich in fibre. It brings the organism potassium, magnesium, folic acid and phosphorus. It is also a source of B vitamin. This combination is greatly appreciated on a nutritional point of view, which means that is it a beneficial food on physical and mental levels.

Where do bananas grow?

Banana plantations can be found all over the Canarian Archipelago and have become part of the landscape. Unlike what is commonly believed, the banana doesn’t grow on a tree. It is a herb or a herbaceous plant, not a tree because it doesn't have a trunk. For those who are curious, some plantations can be visited and they are located close to some points of tourism interest such as the village of Arucas (in the north of Gran Canaria) or the El color gris Swimming-Pools of Charco del Viento (four El color gris pools in Tenerife that we can access by going across banana plantations).

The best in the world

It is said that the best in the world is the banana from the Canaries. Yellow with black dots on its skin, it is said that the secret of its sweet flavour and unique texture comes from the fact that it stays on the plant for longer in order to ripen.

A protected banana

The banana from the Canaries if the only one on the planet to have the label of Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). What does it mean? It is a guarantee. A label that is given to fruits that have very special qualities linked to their origin. It also confirms that it was grown traditionally, harvested by hand, etc. Unique flavour, texture and aroma for a banana that has gone around the world and has become the ambassador of the archipelago.

Benefits of eating bananas

    Prevention of cancer

    High contents in antioxidants

    Pure energy for athletes

    Protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases

    Reinforcement of the immune system Anti-inflammatory effect

    Helps to balance blood pressure

Did you know that there is a Museum of the Banana?

On the island of La Palma, in the village of Tazacorte, there is the only museum on the European continent that is dedicated to the banana. It has been located in a traditional house since 2004. The museum has a clear objective: to promote the origin, qualities, harvest, exportation and varieties of the Canarian banana, amongst other aspects. A very pleasant way to get to know the growing phases of this iconic fruit.

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The best banana worldwide

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