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October. 2019 2.00

Matías Peña García – Mayor of Antigua

“This government group aims at being close to the population”

We met with the new mayor, Matías Peña at the Ayuntamiento of Antigua in order to welcome him and find out about the person behind the mayor.

We would like to know if you are originally from Antigua?

I have been a resident here for 35 years, more than half of my life.

How did you start in politics?

I started in politics by chance, I went to get Juan José Cazorla because I believed that he was the person that this municipality needed, without thinking that I would be with him in the ayuntamiento in the previous term. I still think that he did a lot of work during the four years and he decided to leave politics, which motivated me to become a candidate, then thanks to the support of my colleagues from Alianz por Antigua (ALPORAN), I accepted this responsibility.

Was the previous term your first experience in politics?

No, I spent 8 months twelve years ago with Gustavo García until there was a vote of no confidence and since then, until the previous term, I wasn't involved in politics.

Tell us about your team...

It is obvious that this government groups aims at being close to the population of this municipality, regardless of political colours, just like what was done during the previous term and carry out all the projects that are planned to improve the municipality, not forgetting the primary sector and the tourism sector. We want to promote them both, not forgetting that tourism is the main activity of this municipality and this is why 16 million euros were invested in it over the past four years. However, our population also belongs originally to the primary sector and we can't forget to support this sector. Together with the Cabildo and the Canarian Government, we are making an effort because it needs it. All the institutions have to take a step forward.

You have surrounded yourself with a well-known team, who you worked with before.

I am very satisfied with the pact that we have with all three political parties, we know each other well because we come from the same area and I must admit that in the little time that we have worked together, I am happy to see that everyone is contributing in order to improve the municipality day by day. It may not show yet, but we are all working towards the same goal and we are all equal. There are nine of us dedicated to this task, we meet every week and we support each other.

What are your projects for the next few years?

We aim at completing phase two and three of El Castillo because it isn't easy, we want to provide a solution for all the complexes that are in disrepair. Furthermore, with Madrid and the Coasts Department, we need to find a permanent solution for the beach, which is a complicated problem. Everyone needs to make an effort because this has gone on for more than 20 years, without being solved. We also would like to create a municipal crematorium. We are looking for land everywhere to create cultural centres, we also want to resurface the roads and carry out some painting. We have a tourism modernisation plan and we also want to get the technical office to improve. This is why we have requested help from the Cabildo in order to provide us with technicians since the law doesn't allow us to employ any, which makes it difficult for us. Some projects have been pending since 2016, but we are still working hard to complete them and this is why we urgently need assistance.

We hope you manage to get what you have asked for and you can tell us about it all in our next interview.