Congratulations to Fuerteventura's Group of Livestock Farmers for winning the award “Alimentos de España Mejor Queso 2023”

The president of Fuerteventura's Cabildo and councillor for Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Fishing, Lola García, recently congratulated Fuerteventura's Group of Livestock Farmers [...]

The success of the II Canarian Bowling Tournament creates bonds between the teams from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

Antigua's mayor, Matías Peña García, launched the bowling game of the semi-finals and finals of Antigua's Ayuntamiento's II Canarian Bowling Tournament, which took place [...]

The Cabildo orders a diagnostic regarding the state of the island's archaeological sites

Fuerteventura's Cabildo has ordered a diagnostic to find out about the current state of the island's archaeological sites. This will enable the Cultural Heritage Department to update [...]

Almost one thousand people have purchased products from the island in the new Craft and Local Products shop at the airport

Almost one thousand people have purchased products from the new Craft and Local Products shop that opened, in June, in the international departures area of Fuerteventura's airport. This facility was set up by Fuerteventura's Cabildo, thanks [...]

The health department organises an activity in Jandía to promote breastfeeding

Jandía's Basic Health Area, within Fuerteventura's Health Sector, organised a meeting with families who breastfeed, within the activities and workshops taking place during World Breastfeeding Week. The event took place on the Cetacean Path [...]

Successful finish of the first training course for “Sports Instructors in Healthy Leisures”

The Social Action Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo has successfully completed the training course for “Sports Instructors in Healthy Leisures” in Puerto del Rosario. This course was aimed at young people aged 15 and older, and trained [...]

The Environment Service launches the campaign called “Enjoy Fuerteventura with Environmental Awareness”

Fuerteventura's Cabildo has initiated an environmental awareness campaign aimed at all visitors who wish to discover the island. The initiative's slogan is “Enjoy Fuerteventura with Environmental Awareness”, and it aims at promoting [...]

New environmental information services at the Calderón Hondo volcano

The Tourism and Environmental Council of La Oliva's Ayuntamiento has launched a new environmental information service at Calderón Hondo, to ensure that visitors can [...]

Superfood for our second brain

Our intestines consist of more than 100 million nervous cells and, like our brain or the spinal cord, it is the most important nervous system of our body. It regulates complex biochemical processes and is in direct contact with our brain. We could say [...]

Ageing of the masculine patient

In comparison with feminine skin, masculine skin is thicker, however, the aggression caused by shaving, and the lack of moisturising and solar protection cause the masculine skin to suffer particularly. This is why we must emphasise [...]

Enjoy food again with Slow Food

The 13th anniversary of Fuerteventura's International Tran Tran Clown Festival will take place, like every year, in the town of Gran Tarajal, on September 22nd, 23rd and 24th with an edition that is filled with novelties, including didactic activities with workshops and courses for people of all ages, recognition of collaborating businesses or the Tran Tran ambassadors worldwide [...]

Tales... Uncle Jenaro (III)

This is the most “secret” stage of Uncle Jenaro’s story, which was hardly ever talked about at the grandparents' house. He lived in Switzerland, between 1936 and 1939, when he was the Commercial and Cultural Attaché, representing the Spanish Diplomacy. He didn't have his own home and always stayed as a guest [...]

Feminist Barbie?

There have been many favourable reviews concerning the “Barbie” film, created by the director, Greta Gerwig with the cooperation of the manufacturer, Mattel. Its feminist theme, which emphasises the patriarchy and its many tentacles, as well as the use of a very important tool amongst women, such as sorority, is good [...]

The Official Language School celebrates its 30th anniversary

For the next 2023/2024 term, Puerto Del Rosario's Official Language School (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas – EOI), affiliated with the Education Council of the Canarian Government, will celebrate its 30th anniversary, since it opened, in 1992. When it was created, the EOI consisted of 4 teachers [...]

Rubén Montesdeoca and Briseida Bautista, co-owner and director of Hotel Taimar in Costa Calma

“We wanted to cover a tourist segment that was not covered properly in the usual hotels” [...]

Night sky september 2023

The month of September usually sees the strong summer winds calming, bringing with it a cleaner sky to observe the celestial objects by night. The Milky Way is still dazzling us when the Moon is not present, passing through the south west sky. The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn are finally both present in our observations, by mid Sept [...]

Hello autumn...

Colours of the world, shiny, daring and filled with contrasts and textures. A style that is remarquable mainly for its wealth of influences, mixes of cultures, strengthened as a result of the creation of exotic ambiances with travelling and bohemian inspirations [...]