Antigua is hiking in Guisguey

Antigua's Ayuntamiento organised a hiking programme with ten routes that cover the most emblematic locations in each municipality. This initiative invites participants to discover [...]

The “Majuelo” Association of Winegrowers to be located in the Ecomuseum of La Alcogida

The “Majuelo” Association of Winegrowers of Fuerteventura will be located in the Ecomuseum of La Alcogida, in Tefía, thanks to a collaboration agreement with Fuerteventura's Cabildo [...]

The II cycling race “Faro de Fuerteventura” will take place on June 25th and cover the whole island

The second edition of the cycling race “Faro de Fuerteventura” will take place on June 25th. This race comes under the label of the International Cycling Union and will start from the island's capital and end at Jandía's lighthouse [...]

The Fuerteventura Film Commission creates a new advert to promote the Island as a cinema set

The Fuerteventura Film Commission has created a new advert to promote the Island as a natural cinema set. The new advert of the FFC consists of images of locations and filming made in [...]

The Conatvs vineyard wins the silver medal at the XX International Wine Contest

The wine called Airam Conatvs 2021 has been rewarded with a Silver Bacchus during the XX International Wine Contest 2022, the great Spanish date with the world of wines, that took place from 25th to 28th of April, in Madrid. For four days, the contest gathered 70 wine-tasting experts, of which specialised journalists, sommeliers, oenologists, Masters of [...]

Inauguration of the exhibition “Canarias y textos de habla inglesa” with books belonging to Marcos Hormiga

The Island Archives are hosting, until June 24th, the exhibition “Canarias y textos de habla inglesa” (The Canaries and texts in English language) that include books belonging to Marcos Hormiga. About fifty books, most of them written in English, are a source of knowledge and are worth being consulted by [...]

Release of an Egyptian Vulture further to its recovery

The Cabildo released last month, an Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus majorensis) further to its full recovery. The release took place after it was confirmed that the animal was fully recovered during tests carried out with the staff from Gesplan, which is registered in the Programme of Actions [...]

How to improve the aspect of dark circles under the eyes?

The presence of circles under our eyes is undesirable, it makes us look tired and [...]

The nap recharges our energy

What we used to call a nap is now known as a “powernap”, which is much more adapted, because sleeping for a short [...]

Nature is talking to you!

La Cueva de sal can help you combat diseases such as allergies, asthma, otitis, bronchitis, amongst others, thanks to the great capacity of salt as [...]

The streets of Fuerteventura, Calle La Nasa

In the middle of the village of Corralejo, close to the harbour, where fishing boats used to leave from, there is a short street called “Calle La Nasa”, that pays tribute to this fishing method, known by professionals as passive fishing. The fishing trap has a cylinder shape that looks like a reversed funnel [...]

Majorero vocabulary (from Fuerteventura)

Boliche: marble, ball of glass, ceramic or another similar material that was used for an ancestral game where players would throw them to hit or push those of their competitors (this afternoon, we have planned to meet Juan and Antonio to play boliches) [...]

Fuerteventura experiences - “Madmen with no foot”

Years ago, when my parents did not choose the places or hotels we would go to, I would think of a country and start my trip... I found surprising places that changed my life and attitude, and at times, the best part of the trip was coming back [...]

It's only rumours

I have been hearing for a while, also from women, of what feminists are like, that they want to be involved in everything, that they complain about everything, etc. But what they are, is the thread, the real fibre of feminism [...]

Inauguration of the shop of the Association of Creative Craft makers of Fuerteventura in Betancuria

Marcos Martinez is the president of the Association of Creative Craft makers of Fuerteventura, and he is very enthusiastic because, after a lot of work, processes and bureaucracy, finally, they have been able to inaugurate the craft shop [...]

FEAGA ends after four days of fair and around 30.000 visitors

It is estimated that around 30.000 people attended the 34th edition of the Agriculture, Livestock farming and Fishing Fair (FEAGA). The days that generated the greatest numbers of visitors were Saturday and Sunday, especially [...]

Garajonay, one of the oldest woods with one of the planet’s almost extinct ecosystems

The National Park of Garajonay hides amongst its leafiness one of the most enigmatic, ancestral and peculiar woods in the world. The humid jungle of laurisilva (Laurel forest) or “monteverde” (green hill) is what remains from the Tertiary Period, which, miraculously, still survives today only on the island of La Gomera, Cape Verde, the Azores and in some areas of South America [...]

June night sky 2022

We start the month of June with the Moon in its waxing crescent phase. Each night setting later on the Western horizon, and each night becoming more illuminated by our Sun, until it reaches the First Quarter on the 7th. It is such a joy to observe the Moon in this phase [...]

Exterior design

It seemed that this summer would be dominated by decorations high in colours and it is because the good weather invites them, it is a fun alternative that brings joy, vitality and optimism, and all in all good vibes [...]