Professionals from Fuerteventura's Heath Sector promote healthy eating amongst the pupils of preschool and primary school

Professionals from Fuerteventura's Heath Sector, registered with the Health Council of the Canarian Government, are promoting, through a programme of the Primary Attention Health [...]

The Health Council invests 8,1 million Euros in automated equipment and robots for Pharmacy Services

The Health Council has invested 8.161.793,37 Euros for the supply, installation and maintenance of systems of pharmacy logistics to cover the third phase of the DragoDOSIS [...]

The Cabildo organises training for the Island’s Music School teachers

Fuerteventura's Cabildo has assigned the contract to create and execute the training programme aimed at the teachers of the Island’s Music School, for a budget of eleven thousand Euros [...]

The Canaries obtain sixty Blue Flag awards for the 2023 edition

The Health Council of the Canarian Government has announced that they have obtained sixty Blue Flag awards for the 2023 edition. 56 of them correspond to beaches and 4 to marinas. In the Canaries, the Blue Flag initiative is managed [...]

New lateral loading bins for Puerto del Rosario

Fuerteventura's Cabildo recently started installing more than one thousand lateral loading bins in the different municipalities of the island to optimise waste treatment thanks to a more efficient system. The installation of two new bin models separating [...]

Boosting employability and improvement of Special Education on the island

Fuerteventura's Cabildo, with the Canarian Employment Service, has developed a project called “El Cabildo apuesta por la igualdad” (The Cabildo is committed to equality), which organises out-of-school activities for minors who have special [...]

Expired sun cream is dangerous!

When it is new, sun cream protects our skin from the damage of UV rays, which means that we can stay longer in the sun safely. If it has expired, it loses its effect and can even damage our organisms. Old solar protections don't just [...]

Ageing of the masculine patient

In comparison with feminine skin, masculine skin is thicker, however, the aggression caused by shaving, and the lack of moisturising and solar protection cause the masculine skin to suffer particularly. This is why we must emphasise [...]

Pottery and basketry: the most traditional trades of the Canary Islands

The Canaries are synonyms of traditions. A territory that maintains its customs and respects ancestral culture by protecting it, and preserving it from generation to generation. Pottery and basketry are clear examples of ancestral trades that have been preserved [...]

Dishes eaten by the spoonful, 100% from the Canaries!

Traditional Canarian cuisine has a common link: the spoon. There isn’t a traditional dish that can’t be eaten with this artefact which is as old as the primitive populations; from seashells to bone and wood [...]

Tales... The owners’ association

I live in a building, where, like in most buildings, there is an owners’ association, which consists of all the neighbours, the president, the secretary, and other administrators. I don’t know from which moment [...]

Why the word “matria” (motherland) doesn’t exist at the Royal Spanish Academy?

In 2020, a university art student managed to get the authorisation to swear her title on “the matria (motherland) and her honour” instead of the standard “the patria (fatherland) and her honour” [...]

Carmen Delia León García – artisanpastry maker

“The desserts of memories” [...]

Gabriel Capitán - Writer

“Further to a severe illness, I started my vocation as a writer” [...]

Should I get a real estate professional to help me sell my property safely?

Selling a property directly can sound tempting, but there are various key aspects to be considered as we are talking about one of the most important financial operations in a person's life [...]

Fuerteventura's Cabildo confirms its commitment to the primary sector with FEAGA 2023

Fuerteventura's Cabildo confirms its commitment to the island's primary sector with the celebration of the 35th Agricultural, Livestock, and Fishing Fair of Fuerteventura (FEAGA), which ended on May 14th [...]

Summer is here!

The Summer Solstice falls on the 21st June. This is the longest day of the Year and is seen as the first day of Summer, and celebrated since ancient times. The sun will be directly overead at noon as viewed from the Tropic of Cancer (Fuerteventura is slightly north of the Tropic of Cancer) [...]

Nortysur Hogar

Let your house transmit positive emotions [...]

Swimming pools

Nowadays swimming pools are one of the elements that bring beauty to a home or public space. When it comes to building a swimming pool we must take into account its orientation in the space, if it is open or closed and keep it away from the wind, placing it to the south or south west is the best position [...]