The Cabildo and DIMBE travel to Mauritania to train women in agriculture

The AFRIMAC 2 project of Fuerteventura's Cabildo continues its actions to train enterprising Mauritanian women in agriculture. Further to an action that took place, in September [...]

The courses from the Fuerteventura Film Commission provide training to a hundred future professionals from the film industry

A hundred people took part in the 2022 training course from the Fuerteventura Film Commission, aimed at people who wish to work on audiovisual projects that will be shot in [...]

Great support from livestock farmers, technicians and the public for the First Cheese Fair of Antigua 2022

The mayor of Antigua, Matías Peña García, together with the councillor for Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Fishing, Fernando Estupiñán, thanked livestock farmers [...]

The Cabildo publishes Fuerteventura's Olive Oil Guide with information about the product, olive oil producers and points of sale

The council for Agriculture, Livestock farming and Fishing of Fuerteventura's Cabildo has published Fuerteventura's Olive Oil Guide to promote the quality of this local product [...]

Delivery to the Cabildo of the self-supply installation of La Oliva's swimmingpool

The council for Industry, Energy, Commerce, Craftwork and Listed Activities, managed by Domingo Pérez, took delivery of the new self-supply installations of La Oliva's municipal swimmingpool. The project consists of 122 solar panels and two 16 kWh lithium batteries, which will turn the swimmingpool into a sustainable facility. The project carried out by Electrimega S.L.U. was received by [...]

Fuerteventura's Early Care Unit has carried out 290 consultations since its launch

The Canarian Government's Health councillor, Blas Trujillo, has recently given an update to the Canarian Parliament about the activity of Fuerteventura's Early Care Unit, a pioneer in its consultations system, with 290 consultations carried out since its launch, in June 2021 [...]

Completion of the renovation work on the Mirador of Betancuria

The work carried out on the Public Space of the Mirador of Betancuria was completed and handed over, in December. The renovation and embellishment work that took place at the Mirador of Betancuria represented “an indispensable initiative to create better conditions of safety and comfort for the greater enjoyment of visitors of this strategic location for the municipality [...]

An opportunity for good resolutions - next year, everything will be different

“I will do more exercise!”, “I will quit smoking!”, “I will eat healthier!”, “I will spend more time with my family and friends!” Do you have New Year’s resolutions? For how many years have you had the same ones? [...]

New Treatment

At Oxygen, we endeavour to provide you with the latest innovations in aesthetic treatments, and this is why we wanted to present our latest addition: the FHOS activated charcoal treatment. IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Thanks to its super detoxifying power, activated charcoal reduces the size of skin pores, eliminates [...]

The Canaries, the archipelago recognised for its heritage

To understand, respect and enjoy thoroughly all the far corners of the Canary Islands, it is essential to know about their heritage. Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Gomera have numerous similar qualities, of which, the fact that UNESCO [...]

Ronmiel, the essence of the Canaries with Geographical Indication

The Canaries have wealth which comes from their natural environment and gastronomy. This privilege, which comes from the raw material of their soil, has been preserved for centuries thanks to their traditions [...]

Tales of Fuerteventura... The doorstep of the White Door

Today, I saw death's smile, I saw it dance, disappear in the light, whispering; it was not just any death, it was the death of Pepe Dámaso, he draws us, sometimes, he sculpts, on dried skeletons [...]

The women who grew and packaged tomatoes worked beyond their limits

In Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife mainly, tomatoes were grown to be exported. Many women had to do that work to exploit all those tomato fields, they are the ones who worked from sun up to sun down [...]

Inauguration of the new showroom of KüchenHouse

Last month, numerous clients and friends came along to the inauguration of the new showroom of the brand KüchenHouse in Fuerteventura. A wide range of kitchens, dressings, bathrooms and lounge [...]

Gustavo Astrada – Founding member of Fuertegourmet

“Our objective is to ensure that, in addition to lovely beaches, tourists discover a varied and excellent gastronomy” [...]

Francisco Ramírez Ramírez - Creator of the company Fran y Chemi

“We grow bananas, tropical pineapple, every kind of lettuce, aromatic herbs and local potatoes” [...]

Night Sky January 2023

We start the New Year with the Quadrantids Meteor Shower, running from the 1st-5th of January, peaking on the night of the 3rd. It is believed to be produced by the dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003 [...]

Dressing rooms

Located in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in an independent room or even in a corridor, the best location for a dressing room is between the bedroom and the bathroom as it provides the optimal usage [...]