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The Gala for the Onda Fuerteventura Prizes unites the island again
December 2022

The Gala for the Onda Fuerteventura Prizes unites the island again

The Craft Market of Costa Calma

Fuerteventura's society gathered during the Gala for the Onda Fuerteventura Prizes, in November, which united the island again in various sectors (social, cultural, sports, artistic, political, musical) to show the strength of the waves (Ondas) and Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura's Palace for Training and Congresses was almost too small to house the great number of friends of Onda Fuerteventura who wanted to participate in the event. Those who were present enjoyed a great show filled with emotions, humour, music and a few tears from the emotions felt. For the year 2022, the prizes were awarded to the following: for Communication, to the newspaper La Provincia, whose editor is Editorial Prensa Canaria. The prize for Business went to Transgoro, a transport company from the island. For Culture, the prize went to los Comisionados de Fuerteventura and the prize for Gastronomy went to the Fishermen's Guild. For Sports, the prize went to la Peña de la Amistad and CL Maxorata, and the Distinction Prize went to the Murga (street band) Los Gambusinos. The Youth prize went to Raúl ‘Magic’ and the Association prize, to the Banda de San Miguel de Tuineje and one of the most emotional prizes, for the Majorera (woman from Fuerteventura) of the year, which was awarded to Irene Hormiga. In this year's edition, there were two special tributes, which were for Juan Arturo San Gil and Felipe Pérez, from La Palma, who helped unite Fuerteventura and La Palma during complicated times, and created a friendship that will last through time. Numerous businesses from the island of Fuerteventura collaborated in the Gala, not only for the show but also by collecting funds for the Association against Metastatic Breast Cancer. The cheque was received by a very emotional Ana Pérez.