Start of the asphalting project in Tuineje

The Ayuntamiento has started asphalting in the village of Tuineje, further to the signature of the agreement, in June. This initiative will take place in the following Streets of the village of Tuineje: Las Mimosas, Romancero Eulalio Marrero, El Taro, Las Cuatro Esquinas, Miguel Betancor García, El Verol, Mariquita Doloner, Valle Cícer, La Cuestita, El Tabaibe, Los Moriscos, Juan Carlos I, Félix Hernández Quesada, Tamasite, La Tahona, Melián Díaz Hernández, Quintana Baja y Quintana Alta, Lolita Medina, Hamaraguada and Juan Betancor. The objective is to improve the municipality's road safety and network. Part of the FV-20 will also get asphalted as it comes within the municipality's responsibilities. Asphalting will be carried out with a material that improves vehicle adherence, to improve the municipality's road safety, as per the technical specifications.