Feminist Space
December 2022

Comprehensive Emotional Sexual Education

Why our sexuality affects us

The full manifest is available on the following link: https://www.harimaguada.org/download/786

Many associations subscribe to the manifest of the Harimaguada collective that requests for this essential subject to be taught in schools. Indeed, exercising one's sexual rights is not just about having unprejudiced access toinformation and attention concerning sexual and reproductive health; people should also be able to make their own decisions about it. We can only enjoy a healthy and pleasant sexuality with freedom, autonomy, care and respect for diversity. Emotional Sexual Education is indispensable to successfully learn to recognise affective bondsand deal with them in a positive, healthy and equal manner. Furthermore, it is essential for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, infections by sexually transmitted diseases, HIV-AIDS, domestic violence and LGTBI phobia. In the Canaries, there is a great shortage of this emotional sexual education. Since none of the social, health or educational sectors or families is taking care of this task, it is done through the Internet, social networks, video games and TV series, that only mistake sexuality with another product of the capitalist market. Comprehensive Emotional Sexual Education aims at educating people to have adequate self-esteem, to be autonomous and to feel safe; to possess fundamental emotional and sexual knowledge that enable them to question pressures in aesthetics that they are subjected to, to have positive relationships and to make healthy decisions about their bodies; to deconstruct stereotyped and hegemonic ideas, etc. Comprehensive Emotional Sexual Education is essential in Human Rights, Children's Rights, Women's Rights and Sexual Rights, which are recognised internationally. This is a task that needs to be shared between families, teachers and professionals from the social and health sectors. From a feminist perspective, Comprehensive Emotional Sexual Education questions the gender mandates and proposes to live with autonomy, empowerment and equality. Furthermore, it compensates for the existing shortages that come from sexism, such as those related to self-affirmation and the autonomy of girls, or the expression of feelings and abilities to look after children and the promotion of domestic violence and equality between girls and boys.

Adelina Padrón Cabrera

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