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Mahoh restaurant
March 2023

Mahoh Restaurant - Víctor Curbelo Falcón

“After the pandemic, we realised how many local clients we had”

Mahoh restaurant

Víctor Curbelo Falcón is the director and owner of the Mahoh restaurant and rural hotel, located in Villaverde. He has given us some of his time to update us on the history and progress of this establishment, which is already emblematic on the island.

Can you tell us how long this establishment has been in place?

My parents-in-law started it with my wife and my sister-in-law, in 2002, but it was quite peculiar, as they were all working in the education sector. When it started growing, in 2007, they couldn't cope with it any longer, as it demanded more dedication and professionalism. This is when they decided to rent the business to other people for two years. But it didn't work with the new management and in the end, they decided to close it for a few months. My father-in-law persuaded me to come here, as I was working as a maître in a hotel in Gran Canaria, and we re-opened, in 2011. We are now twelve years into this new stage. For the first year, there were just two people, a chef and myself, but there are now 17 of us, and there were more before the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, we have reduced our opening times, at present, we open from Wednesday to Sunday.

The Mahoh restaurant specialises in grilled meat, doesn’t it?

We are basically a grill. Our clients can see how their chosen dish is cooked on the fire, but we also specialise in traditional Canarian dishes, and we always work with local products. We also have a daily menu with recommendations that change regularly, although some dishes can never be removed because of the high level of demand for them.

You have numerous local clients, don't you?

We have a good base of local clients, who we look after very well. But we also have many tourists who either know us already or who the restaurant was recommended to for its gastronomic interest, by taxi drivers, hotel receptions, etc. People don't drive through Villaverde very much, as they do in tourist areas, but the village is famous for its good restaurants,which are all doing very well. Therefore, we look after our clients, and we need to ensure that people who come to Mahoh eat well and are totally satisfied with the service, so that they will come back.

Were you affected by the pandemic?

After the pandemic, we realised how many local clients we had. It is thanks to them that we managed to survive this very tough stage. Curiously, last year we saw much more activity in our restaurant reservations, we are going through a good stage and from what my colleagues in the sector tell me, it seems to be a general trend. We’ve had the best Christmas that we've had in years. I guess the population has decided to live and enjoy themselves more “because we don't know what could happen”.

Having the rural hotel with the restaurant must also bring you clients...

It is a combination that works well. Many clients from the restaurant tend to book a room for the night, this way they can enjoy a few drinks with peace of mind and without having to worry about driving, and it is also a break in their routine. On the other hand, the hotel is booked at almost 90% occupancy all year round, which generates additional restaurant bookings, as the guests often want to sample the restaurant, to get a more complete idea of their stay here.

Do you have an area for group bookings?

Yes, we do, there is a lounge to that effect, and there is also a pool table and a resting and games area.

Is it necessary to book?

It is advisable, to prevent waiting or delays. The number is 661 388 066.

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