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Tales of Fuerteventura
December 2022

Tales of Fuerteventura...

"Naguel VI and I"

Yesterday, I went and bought you, in truth, now that I have “humanised” you, it seems terrible to say that I “bought” you... I speak with you every day, I ask you, where you are, when you disappear under some piece of furniture and I go round the house looking for you, I get angry when I realise that I need to go out soon and that you haven't finished yet. I don't like leaving you alone, going round the house. I call you Naguel, because my granddaughter said that you looked like a horrible mix of mashed-up things that taste like chicken. In truth, you are Naguel VI, because since the first “specimen” of your family arrived in the house, I have acquired a few of you... You learned how and which areas to go through, two, three or five times... I learned how to take you apart until I find the reason why you don't work any longer... Yesterday, when I arrived at the shop, I had your predecessor in mind, Naguel V, and there I stood in front of the shelves, filled with brands and models of others like you. An employee guessed that I was looking to purchase one, and I told him that I wanted a Naguel, he looked at me strangely, but I quickly told him that I was looking for a robot, as this is what you really are called. He started telling me about the latest model available. Imagine this! I can call it with my phone and ask it to start cleaning, I can even tell it which part of the house to clean, how long for, and also, when it has finished, it goes back to its “base”, which, according to him, is a great advantage... He looked very surprised when I told him that I wanted another one like you, like all the ones I have had before, and that I was not bothered about talking to you on the phone, that I preferred doing it in person, even if, every so often, I have to take you out from under some piece of furniture, when you keep on going round and round, unable to find your way out... He looked at me with a puzzled look and couldn't understand why I preferred a basic, obsolete model, and said: very well Madam, you are in luck, because we still have one of those models in stock, if you had wanted one of the new ones, you would have had to wait... Despite that, I still had to wait a little while because you were ready to be sent back to the factory, as you were not attractive anymore. Imagine! Because you can't talk on the phone... Back at home, I put you on the floor and I thought of how much you help me... Even Mercedes is thankful, she always says: thanks to Naguel that gives a good cleaning, it helps me quite a lot. She started working here before you arrived... In the end, Naguel VI, our relationship is a strange one, but we will continue that way, you and I...