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Plutarco Rodríguez Amador – Director of Fuerteventura's Casino
December 2022

Plutarco Rodríguez Amador – Director of Fuerteventura's Casino

“Further to a tough year, we were glad to celebrate our anniversary with our visitors”

Plutarco Rodríguez Amador – Director of Fuerteventura's Casino

Corralejo's Gran Casino has just celebrated its first anniversary. Plutarco Rodríguez, the director of both casinos, one in El Castillo and the other, in Corralejo, is the best-suited person to give us some feedback on both casinos' progress.

Tell us...

We inaugurated the casino during the Covid crisis, with all the restrictions that it entailed, including the obligation to close at 1 am, whereas most of our clients are nocturnal, and usually arrive at that time. After a difficult year, we are not complaining and we were glad to celebrate this anniversary with our visitors. We had a Jazz band that played on the terrace and we offered a complimentary glass of cava and canapés to our numerous visitors.

The casino is very nice and elegant.

I modestly believe that it is, if not the nicest, one of the nicest casinos in the Canaries at the moment.

The casino of El Castillo also has its charm, although it is smaller.

Indeed, it is also well established now, after 10 years already, with a regular customer base, as well as tourists from the hotels.

Apart from the size, what different games or offers are there in Corralejo's casino?

For example, everything related to Poker has been transferred to Corralejo, because of the space available and also the influx of clients, for tournaments, etc. There is a young customer base who plays a lot of Poker, just like a sport. However, we are not dismissing the idea of reintroducing some Poker in El Castillo. We also have American Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean stud poker,etc., as well as a large variety of recent slot machines. There is a rather nice restaurant and a good sports bar.

We are surprised to find out that many young people play poker.

Mature and older people, the clients of casinos, are people who are settled in their lives, and the casino has become like an entertainment haven for them. Older people are provided with all the help they need to play, with explanations and special attention to ensure that their visit to our facilities is an enjoyable one and I spend a lot of my time looking after them. Then, our other main customer base comes from tourists, many of which want to visit casinos during their holidays. At the moment, we are renovating and innovating the slot machine room in the casino of El Castillo, and slowly we want to keep on updating it and adding novelties to it. Although we will keep some of the traditional slot machines as some people specifically look for them. We are creating a new corporate image, which is a large C on a dark background and it is being added to our older facilities. In total, we have five casinos in the Canaries. From next year, we hope that everything will be back to normal, and we would like to organise events, such as the Chinese New Year, the Hindu New year, etc.

And since we are in December, how is the end of the year celebrated in the casinos?

In addition to having dinner, if the guests want to, 15 minutes before midnight, the machines are stopped, we offer grapes and a glass of cava to all our visitors and the bells ring, then the games start again, 15 minutes into the new year.