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March 2023

Luciana Giubertoni – Craft maker and seamstress

“Cork is ecological and natural, which makes it even more attractive”

In Casa de los Coroneles, in La Oliva, in addition to various typical products from the island that are on offer, a few craft makers also exhibit their products. Today, we pay special attention to Luciana Giubertoni, who demonstrates her creative abilities with her sewing machine.

Luciana, have you created all those bags?

Yes, I have designed them all. Cork is a malleable material, but to add more variety I combine it with various fabrics and jewellery to add colour.

We see various models that you have made, paint satchels, handbags and even beach bags… How long have you worked with cork?

Almost since I have been on the island, for the past seven years.

And before that?

I have always loved sewing and fashion, it was my vocation and I have always worked in the textile industry in Italy, but in truth, it was only when I got here, in 2018, that I went to Milan to follow an advanced class. At present, in addition to producing those bags, I also teach courses in cutting and confection with La Oliva’s Ayuntamiento, and I used to teach in Puerto del Rosario and Antigua.

Why did you choose this material for your creations?

I found some in a shop and bought a little. I did a trial and liked it. Furthermore, cork is ecological and natural, which makes it even more attractive.

Where else can we find your creations?

I am always present at the market in Lajares and I often attend the market of El Campanario in Corralejo. Well, we wish you a lot of success with your creations.