June 2023

Expired sun cream is dangerous!


When it is new, sun cream protects our skin from the damage of UV rays, which means that we can stay longer in the sun safely. If it has expired, it loses its effect and can even damage our organisms. Old solar protections don't just become rancid with time, provoking skin rash, with time, they can also develop carcinogenic substances. Many solar products with chemical UV filters contain octocrylene. If the lotion is kept for a long time, it can produce the benzophenone molecule. Those two substances and their derivates are considered potentially harmful to our health. It has been demonstrated in cell cultures and experiments on animals that octocrylene can provoke allergies and benzophenone can have carcinogenic effects (we cannot dismiss that it may have the same effect on humans). We must also consider that both substances can affect our hormonal balance from a certain level. Nowadays, more and more consumers use solar protections that don't contain octocrylene and it has also been demonstrated that it harms the ecosystem of our oceans. To ensure that our solar protection only has the desired effect on our skin, we should read carefully the instructions on the bottle. When “12 M” is indicated, it means that this product remains efficient for 12 months after it is opened, as long as it is kept in a cool and dry place. It should not be used after that time (write on the bottle the date when it was first opened). For more safety, it is advisable to throw away the opened solar cream from the previous year.