December 2022

Reduce stress for a healthy immune system


We all know it: when we are continuously stressed, we feel physically weak and, therefore, we get ill quicker. Our mental state affects a lot how our immune system works. When we are stressed, our immune system is weaker. When we feel good, viruses and bacteria don't affect our health that much. Generally, stress is a good thing in fighting or survival situations. It makes us more alert, receptive, efficient and even our immune system is more efficient, but only when we need it. Constant stress, at work or in relationships, weakens our immune system, which increases the risk of infections or inflammations. To reduce that stress, it can help to exercise outdoors daily, sleep sufficiently and to have a balanced diet. Psychologically, we can look after ourselves daily, by asking ourselves questions such as: How do we feel about the current situation? What is annoying us? What is making us stressed? What would make us happy right now? Simple things can also help such as a walk by the seaside, eating our favourite dish, reading a book or simply taking a quiet moment without thinking. This self-awareness, together with physical well-being, has a positive effect on our mental state, which acts directly on our immune system. Therefore, by avoiding unnecessary stress, we can efficiently reinforce our natural defences.