Reasons to advertise in Fuerteventura Magazine Hoy


    No other written communication media has our range. We distribute an average of 23.000 issues monthly in around 300 points all over the island.


    Our wide thematic range is one of our strengths. The variety in the news, complementary information, guides, for all kinds of readers, will enable you to make your brand reach the group that you aim for, in a segmented manner.


    The lowest cost by the thousand guarantees that your advertisement gets the best efficiency and the best results in your advertising budget for written local media.


    Our in this market has brought us to the leader’s position. We enjoy the reader’s preference which translates into added value for our advertisers.


    Newspaper readers on the island read Fuerteventura Magazine Hoy in Spanish, English, German and French every month.


    Newspaper readers have a high level of credibility in the information that we publish, more than in any other media.


    Because it is seen various times in one month, your advertisement has the opportunity to generate a higher visual impact.


    Besides the printed editions, readers can easily access the online version which has a great position in the search engine Google (noticias de Fuerteventura / Fuerteventura news / Fuerteventura Nachrichten) and a considerable number of visits from different countries.


FUERTEVENTURA MAGAZINE HOY, in the market since the 2006, it must be your best choice when it comes to decided the MEDIA PLAN to launch your campaign.


FUERTEVENTURA MAGAZINE HOY s published in four languages (Spanish, English, German and French) and it’s a free monthly publication with a circulation from 22.000 up to 25.000 issues, according to the month and season, distributed all over the island.


FUERTEVENTURA MAGAZINE HOY can be found every month, in the following POINTS, (among others);

  • Bus station all over the island.
  • Maritime Ports
  • Hoteles: Elba, Sheraton, Oasis, Atlantis, Turicomplex, Esquinzo, Barceló, Playitas Resort, entre otros.
  • Hospital and Health Center of the island.
  • Cines Yelmoplex
  • Gas stations all over the island
  • Supermarkets: Padilla, Inpescasa, PSH, (among others)
  • Town Halls
  • Tax Collector office of Puerto del Rosario
  • Tourist Information Centres
  • Culturel Centres
  • Shops, bars and cafes
  • Casino
  • Advertisers establishments
For a total of over 300 points of which, 100 of them, are with our own identified exhibitors.