Come and observe the fabulous “Skies of Fuerteventura” at Puerto del Rosario's House of Culture

In December, the astrophotography exhibition called “Los Cielos de Fuerteventura” (Skies of Fuerteventura) was inaugurated in Puerto del Rosario's House of Culture. It consists of a series of photos of the nocturnal sky, including galaxies, nebulas and stars, taken over the past few years, from various locations on the island, by the members of the Association that prepared the exhibition to show to the world the spectacular skies that the island of Fuerteventura has to offer. This astrophotography exhibition will remain open until January 31st, 2023 and aims at promoting and increasing knowledge regarding the skies and everything related to them. The exhibition shows astrophotography through pictures of galaxies, star clusters, nebulas, and planets, as well as the effect of the wind, and there is also a space dedicated to nocturnal photography with the Northern Lights, shooting stars, the Milky Way and various sunsets. A documentary on the History of the Universe is also available, as well as the History of Fuerteventura's Astronomy Association.


Puerto del Rosario continues to work with the association called “Renacer Violeta” to provide legal advice to victims of domestic violence

The mayor of Puerto del Rosario's Ayuntamiento, Juan Jiménez, together with the councillor for Equality, feminism and the LGBTI community, Lilian Concepción Álvarez, have renewed the collaboration agreement with the Association against Domestic Violence and Help to Women “Renacer Violeta”, to ensure the continuity in the capital of the project of “Legal advice to victims of domestic violence”, in order to improve the quality of life of victims and raise awareness amongst the population. Amongst other objectives, the project includes legal assistance for victims of domestic violence, advice on their rights, help when filing a complaint and in court, as well as a full follow-up of cases and guidance regarding resources.


The Ayuntamiento starts asphalting many streets in El Matorral, in January

On December 12th, the mayor of Puerto del Rosario's Ayuntamiento, Juan Jiménez, and the councillor for Projects and Contracts, Peña Armas, went to El Matorral to sign the contract with the chosen company for the asphalting project of the streets of El Matorral. This project comes as a response to the commitment made by the Government Group to this village and its population and also because of the need for repairs and improvements after so many years without any kind of maintenance work. The investment represents more than one million Euros and the asphalting of many streets of the village will also improve the safety for road users. The streets chosen for the initiative were selected according to their level of deterioration, the volume of traffic and the suggestions of the council. However, most of the streets that will get asphalted have not been maintained for over 10 years.


More than 400 pupils are made aware of the effects of climate change through the exhibition organised in Puerto del Rosario's Urban Vegetable Gardens

The mayor of Puerto del Rosario's Ayuntamiento, Juan Jiménez, together with the director of the department for the Fight against Climate Change and the Environment of the Canarian Government, Lilian Concepción Álvarez, and members of the Avanfuer Association, presented, on December 1st, the exhibition created to raise awareness amongst the population regarding climate change and its effects on the Canarian Archipelago, located in the Agro-ecology Centre and Urban Environment of Puerto del Rosario (Gavia de Los Hormiga). The exhibition consisted of 42 information boards regarding the general causes of climate change and the direct and indirect effects on the ecosystems in the Canaries. Furthermore, details were given of solutions that exist to reduce them, with changes in the production sectors and various social and financial spheres, as well as changes in the population's daily habits regarding mobility or responsible consumption.