The ayuntamiento meets with the Ecogavia Agroecology Association

The mayor, David de Vera, and the Primary Sector councillor, David de León, had a meeting with representatives from the Ecogavia Agroecology Association for first contact and to find out firsthand about the needs of this association. The conversations were concentrated on the development of local and proximity ecological production and the opening of a new logistic centre for the association in Puerto del Rosario. Ecogavia is an association of farmers from Fuerteventura who have joined forces to bring their products to the island's families. Their activities include also agroecology training and awareness raising and the development of various projects such as the School vegetable gardens or the Eco school diningrooms.


The Ayuntamiento meets with Fuerteventura's Campers Association

The mayor of Puerto del Rosario, David de Vera, had a meeting with the president and the treasurer of Fuerteventura's Campers Association, Víctor Saavedra and Mame Alejandro,for first contact and to find out first hand about the needs of this association, which is more and more present in the municipality. Fuerteventura's Campers Association currently has close to 500 members who take advantage of the summer months to get closer to nature and the municipality's coast.


The Ayuntamiento salutes the work carried out by Limpiaventura on the coast of Puerto del Rosario

The Ayuntamiento saluted and highlighted the work that the NGO Limpiaventura has selflessly been carrying out for years all over the island, and more particularly in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario. Limpiaventura consists of 65 regular volunteers and organises various kinds of actions to clean the beaches and the coastal areas as well as the seabed, where they extract an infinite amount of waste that pollutes the ocean. Since 2015, Limpiaventura has been carrying out cleaning campaigns on beaches and organising environmental awareness workshops for children.


Puerto del Rosario gets committed to rescuing the associative network and the citizen's participation

The Ayuntamiento, together with the Association of Puerto del Rosario's Businesses, is launching the fourth edition of “MÓJATE”, the commercial campaign that aims at promoting purchases in the capital's shops. The campaign will take place from September 4th to 24th and anyone making a purchase of at least €20in the establishments of Puerto del Rosario's Open Commercial Areas, adhering to the campaign, can participate. Once the purchase has been made, the establishment will hand over a coupon to the client, who will be able to check instantly if they have won one of the prizes, on the website Participants will have the opportunity to win the following prizes: two €1.000 prizes, two €500 prizes and four €250 prizes. €4.000 of prizes in total for making purchases in Puerto del Rosario's local businesses. Winners will be able to redeem their prizes between September 27th and October 10th.