Eleven smart points from the Smart City project in Puerto del Rosario

The Ayuntamiento has approved the purchase and installation of a network of smart points within the Tourism Smart City project. The objective of this project is to improve the diffusion of tourism information thanks to eleven screens spread all over the town, with access to real-time information, not only relating to tourism but also regarding the services to the population, environment management through the control of the air quality of the town or the safety of the population, amongst others. A smart city uses the potential of Information and Communication Technologies to promote efficientlysustainable development and improve the population's quality of life. Thanks to those Smart Points, Puerto del Rosario will promote tourism resources, increase the technical capacity of the town and will also provide charging points for electrical vehicles in public parking areas. There is also a website and a mobile application with real-time information generated by the network.


The Ayuntamiento completes the emblematic project of the seafront path

The Ayuntamiento has completed the installation of the urban furniture for the new seafront path that goes from the neighbourhood of Los Pozos to Playa Blanca. This represents 60 benches and 17 bins that have been installed over 1,5 km of this new path. This completes this emblematic project which the town hall of Puerto del Rosario has been working on since 2020 together with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. This large project is therefore completed with the new urban furniture, as the public lighting and pavements were completed a few months ago. The population and tourists can now enjoy this new seafront path that joins the capital with Playa Blanca and enjoy resting areas and various accesses to the beach.


The young painter Zeben Armas exhibits in the House of Culture

The painting exhibition of the young painter, Zeben Armas, called “Espectros y Nudos” (Ghosts and Knots) has been taking place at the House of Culture in Puerto del Rosario, since May 16th. According to the artist, his work reflects the contradictions and paradoxes of modern society. He doesn't try to identify individuals with the conflicts, but tries to show the conflict and contradictions as a natural part of thoughts and social evolution. According to him, his painting is the result “of the people of Babel”, of the natural ignorance of each individual, of the contradictions and chaos in a society made of individuals who are more and more engrossed in themselves, and when it comes to interacting in society, they create ghosts and monsters, deformed beings and confused and chaotic actions, faced with the same reasoning that created them, which are not negative nor positive, “they are only the expression of our own limits of human self-knowledge and our ignorance. All this brought me to be interested in the knots on tree trunks, and although they arebent and distorted, they are part of the strength of the tree. This is where people connect, where conflicts come from and where our world is built”. The exhibition is open to the public until June 30th, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm.


Two new agents for the Local Police

The presentation of the two new agents of the Local Police of Puerto del Rosario took place, last month, in the Ayuntamiento. The agents passed successfully the tests and were promoted internally through a system of exams.


Puerto del Rosario and CajaCanarias will distribute school materials to low-income families

The agreement between both entities will enable families whose children are pupils in pre-school, primary school or secondary education in the Municipality, who don't have sufficient financial resources to purchase school materials for the next 2023 / 2024 school year. This agreement, which is managed by Social Services, will ensure that school materials are distributed to families according to criteria which take into account the family's income, the number of family members and other aspects that can have a financial impact. Social Services will look after the applications and make the necessary assessments, then the CajaCanarias Foundation will take care of distributing the payments to families. People interested can get further information through the Social Services office, located at Primero de Mayo, nº 59, or by calling 928-85-19-46 / 928-53-14-42, or by e-mail:


Susana Lareo Hernández wins the tenth edition of the Carro de Baco Theatre Texts Prize

The text called “Te espero en la orilla” (I am waiting for you on the edge) won first prize at the Santa Coloma de Gramenet contest organised by Carro de Baco. The text, written by the professor and chief of the department of Spanish Language and Literature of the IES Puerto del Rosario school, Susana Lareo Hernández, won the tenth edition of the Carro de Baco Short Theatre Text Prize, a contest organised by the drama art school of the same name. A total of 159 texts were presented at the contest, of which 35 were finalists. The text recreates the last days of the poet Domingo López Torres and takes place in only one place: a building of the Fyffes prison, an old fruits warehouse in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, that was converted into a detention centre for people against the Coup d'Etat during the Civil war. Between 1936 and 1937, one thousand prisoners disappeared. According to the bases of the contest, the text will be represented by Carro de Baco and edited in the “Dramaturgy” collection and the author will receive five copies of it. “Although the prize was unexpected, it is a great motivation to keep on imagining stories that some people will turn into reality. The pride of having this reward isn't only because it was considered quality work, but because we have brought our literature history out of the silence. I believe that our great generation of surrealists, which has been totally omitted in the Literature History books, would be satisfied”, indicates the professor to the school newspaper “LA VOZ DEL IES PUERTO”. Susana Lareo Hernández was born in Breña Alta (La Palma) in 1972, she graduated in Spanish Philology at the University of La Laguna and works as a professor of secondary education at the IES Puerto del Rosario school, since 2005. She is also in charge of the school's student and teacher theatre group.