Over 50 people graduate from Pájara's Ayuntamiento's free courses promoting training and employment

In February, diplomas were presented to over 50 people who graduated from the free courses organised by the Ayuntamiento of Pájara, to promote training and employment in sectors such as the environment or health. The training courses took place, in November, and were animated by “Enformate”, which introduced participants to tasks such as working as a leisure and free time instructor, basic vital support and first aid and the use of external semi-automatic defibrillators.


The Ayuntamiento completes the work on Morro Jable's cemetery

The Ayuntamiento has completed the improvement work on Morro Jable's cemetery, an initiative included in the plan forthe improvement of the Municipality's infrastructures. Thanks to this initiative, the cemetery now has 66 new niches and 20 new columbariums for ashes. The improvement of the Municipality's cemeteries continues with those actions and in addition to the niches and columbariums, municipal workers also painted the floor and the walls.


Pájara's Ayuntamiento cleans and embellishes Finca de Ajuy

The Ayuntamiento carried out cleaning and embellishing work, last month, in the surrounding area of Finca de Ajuy. The initiative aims at improving and maintaining this space that was recently acquired by the Ayuntamiento. The tasks were carried out by municipal employees and a team of people contracted through the employment programme currently in place in collaboration with the Canarian Employment Service. Apart from cleaning, tasks included the creation of holes for the irrigation water to remain around the palm trees, then pruning and cleaning of the palm trees will be executed by a professional business, in collaboration with Fuerteventura's Cabildo.


Pájara complies with the European directive concerning air quality

Pájara's Ayuntamiento has complied with 70% of the stages included in the environment strategy from the European Parliament Directive and the 2008 Council, concerning air quality and a cleaner atmosphere in Europe. At present, the remaining 30% are being executed, and the municipality has become the first in the Canaries to have reduced its levels of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2).