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Longing and nostalgia, for what is natural, ecological, hand made and authentic. There is a style that always transmits the feeling of what is natural; welcoming like no other, it suggests houses filled with family warmth and tradition, this is undoubtedly the rustic style, that makes us feel warm just by seeing it. A decorative style that has evolved and does not miss out on tendencies and commodities, not losing its roots, it is all about reliving the best from the past by bringing the best of the actual style. The interest shown over the past few years by rural tourism is a good example of its popularity. It is the way to conceive a space and also a way to understand life. When we decide to create this style, we must pay attention to details. This is how we will achieve unity and balance. It is easy to fall into excess when we want to create a rustic ambiance, looking for balance and order is very important. Soft and serene colours are elegant and range from vanilla tones to biscuit colour but it is not about having a uniform colour, it is rather about sprinkling it with textures. Wood is indispensable, it is the predilection material for furniture, floors, roofs and wall coverings. The personality of furniture is unique, something that has lived, not produced industrially, this is the most important base. There are various tendencies within this style, Mediterranean, Provençal, Colonial, etc. They all have a common element, a welcoming environment in contact with nature. Fabrics have thick textures, wood, linen, etc., together with rugs that will bring warmth and style and will embellish rustic spaces, not forgetting flowers and plants that bring life and joy.

"Wood is indispensable, it is the predilection material for furniture"

Fedra Ramos - Arquitecta de interiores Miembro de: IFI (Federación Internacional de Arquitectos de Interior) ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Colegio Oficial de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior de Canarias