Star By Night

March has arrived bringing warmer and longer days

March has arrived bringing warmer and longer days, with the Spring Equinox on the 20th day. Daylight saving time starts on Sunday, 26 March with the Sun setting at 20:15. It is the constant dance of the Sun, Moon and Earth around each other that supports life on our Planet. In the first week we see the Moon dominating the night sky, up until the Full Moon on the 7th day. It is magical to observe the Moon, each night in a different position and different illumination, clearly displaying the cycles of nature in motion. The differing positions of the Planets is also a great indicator of the natural cycles of nature. Saturn is no longer visible, but we do still start all our observations with Venus, Jupiter and Mars! From the 10th day we return to dark skies during our observations and can truly appreciate even the fainter celestial objects! The darkest night is of course on the New Moon, the 21st March! Keep Looking Up! And keep Looking up!