Antigua approves the payment of 135.000 Euros to twelve livestock farms of the Municipality to cover their expenses

The Ayuntamiento has approved the payment of 135.000 Euros to twelve livestock farmers of the Municipality that requested this subsidy announced by the Primary Sector Council to help cover the expenses of livestock food purchases for the year 2022, given the price increase caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The Decision concerning this Subsidy will be published in the Official Bulletin of Las Palmas and can be consulted on the Ayuntamiento's website or in person at the Ayuntamiento. After the required legal period, the funds will be paid according to the expenses presented, and a total of 135.000 Euros will be shared amongst twelve livestock farmers.


Improvements and renovations in the tourist village of Caleta de Fuste

Repairs and embellishment are being carried out in Caleta de Fuste, more precisely in the Streets of Alcalde Juan Ramón Soto Morales and Alcalde Santiago García Urquía, and on the Caleta de Fuste and Happy Center squares. The initiative aims at refurbishing and embellishing the main streets of the tourist village of Caleta de Fuste, to improve safety and optimise the use of those areas, and more resistant materials will be used for the replacement of part of the urban furniture and flooring. As per the demand of businesses, shop owners and hotels, it isn't just about executing a big project, but more about continuous maintenance and cleaning of those areas. There will soon be an announcement of other areas that will also be renovated. The streets and squares that are in the worst state of disrepair are being looked after first, in order to prevent falls from pedestrians.


The Ayuntamiento announces the second period of voluntary payment of Municipal Taxes

The Official Bulletin of Las Palmas, number 97, dated August 11th, published the notification to taxpayers of the voluntary payment period for the following 2023 taxes: the Trade Income Tax (IAE), the Tax on Motorised Vehicles (IVTM), and the Rustic Property Tax (IBIR). The Ayuntamiento aim at helping taxpayers with their various municipal taxes by dividing the payment periods. This is the second voluntary payment period this year, which goes from September 1st to November 30th. The Ayuntamiento reminds taxpayers that they can pay their taxes by direct debit and benefit from a 4% discount. The payment can also be made at the Municipal tax office located in Calle Marcos Trujillo, 1 from 8 am until 1:45 pm, Monday to Friday, by credit or debit card or in the collaborating banks of Caixabank and Banco Santander, or on the Ayuntamiento's website by clicking on “PAGOS”.


Antigua pays tribute to CL Unión Antigua, the Canarian Wrestling Champions

Antigua's Ayuntamiento paid tribute, last month, to the Wrestling Club Unión Antigua, regional champions, for the second season, of the DISA Gobierno de Canarias League. During the event, a commemorative plaque was presented to the president of CL Unión Antigua, Raimundo García, congratulating him for the club's success as Champions of the Canaries, not just because of one wrestler, but thanks to the common effort of the team. The Ayuntamiento will pay out a subsidy of 40.000 Euros to CL Unión Antigua for their next 2023/24 season.