The Sardine of the Caribbean Carnival was prepared at the CEO school of Antigua

The art teacher of the CEO school of Antigua, Tino Melián Betancort, guided the students during the creation of the Caribbean Sardine of the Carnival, which was burned on the last day of the Carnival, in Caleta de Fuste. The Caribbean Sardine of the Carnival was created step by step, with the participation of the school's students and the collaboration of the Festivities' Council of Antigua's Ayuntamiento. Antigua's Carnival dedicated a large part of its programme to the entertainment of the youngest children, who launched the Carnival with the Great Parade of Caribbean Masks through the streets of Antigua, to the Carnival stage, where they performed dances and songs from the Caribbean. Then, at nightfall, it was time for the Gala of the Election of the Children's Queen with surprises for everyone attending, followed at daybreak with DJ Cat's performance and then, the Baile de la Sábana (Bedsheet dance).


The Ayuntamiento and the Mafasca Foundation guarantee the organisation of the 34th Island Craft Fair Fuerteventura 2023

The next edition of the Island Craft Fair will take place on May 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th on Antigua's main square, which is the best-suited location, and a welcoming space for craft makers and visitors. The Ayuntamiento follows its commitment to guarantee, even if it has to be alone, the celebration of the unique Island Craft Fair, a regional event that will celebrate its 34th anniversary, and is one of the main events for the craft sector in Fuerteventura and the Canaries. The Mafasca Foundation and Antigua's Ayuntamiento give priority to supporting the craft sector and they are considering extending the fair to the adjoining streets to the square and the number of stands.


Start of the work on Antigua's Municipal Swimming Pool

In February, the municipal technician of Antigua's Ayuntamiento, the director of the project and the representative of the building company, signed the agreement for the renovation work to start on Antigua's Municipal Swimming Pool. Work started, in February, and the project represents an investment of over half a million Euros to renovate the infrastructure and adapt them to the current safety, sanitary and accessibility regulations. The project also includes the renovation and waterproofing of the pool and its adaptation to the temperature regulating systems.


Antigua appoints a technical advisor to speed up the project of Adisfuer's Poultry Farm

A meeting took place, in February, to drive forward the project, surveys and necessary permits for the laying hens' poultry farm in Antigua's Municipality. Despite the fact that the association has an architect for the creation and adequate presentation of the project, Antigua's Ayuntamiento has appointed a technical advisor to speed up the approval of the permit for the Poultry Farm. This is a pioneering project on the island and in the Canaries. It also represents a service and benefits for numerous persons with differentiated abilities, concretely, about fifty direct contracts, and one hundred indirect contracts. Adisfuer's Poultry Farm, located close to Barranco de la Torre, is a sustainable business project with an integral exploitation of the activity, diversifying the production possibilities, such as fresh eggs, liquid eggs, nutritional complements such as calcium, collagen, hyaluronic acid or even organic fertiliser.


Antigua's Agricultural Market makes a good start for its new season

On the first Sunday of February, Antigua's main square was the location hosting the Agricultural Market organised by Antigua's Ayuntamiento, offering fresh, great quality local products. Two new exhibitors surprised the hundreds of neighbours who attend the market every month, such as La casa de quesos (house of cheeses) Las Breñas, who sold everything on the stand on that Sunday morning, and also the fun Bicicleta de los Helados del amigo Cristóbal (the icecream bicycle of friend Cristóbal) with the most refreshing flavours.