Antigua collaborates with Fuerteventura's Ornithology Association for the XVII Championship of the Canaries

The best specimens of birds of the Canaries could be seen, in November, in Pozo Negro at the surprising Ornithology Exhibition that took place during the XVII Regional Ornithology Championship. This was an exceptional occasion for ornithologists and bird enthusiasts, who were able to enjoy the variety of birds present during the Championship that gathered the best specimens of the Canaries. The objective of this Contest, indicated by the president of Fuerteventura's Ornithology Association, is to promote the canary culture on the island, where we already have great breeders, and winners of regional, national and international prizes.


Antigua's hikers travel to the islet of Lobos

Las Rutas de Senderismo (the hiking routes) were organised by Antigua's Ayuntamiento with a programme coordinated by the Youth and Sports councils, that offered free registration and took care of all the travelling costs for the participants. The hike on the islet of Lobos closes the programme, which, in addition to the hikes, enabledparticipants to discover new locations or new details about them, and to share a pleasant experience with the group. In this instance, 35 people started from Antigua for the bus ride, which was followed by the crossing and the traditional bite to eat while commenting on the best moments of the hike.


Antigua's cemetery is embellished with flowers for All Saints' Day

All the neighbours were able to show their respect and affection for their family members and friends in an improved environment, embellished with flowers, with better accessibility, as well as all the means required to embellish the niches and tombstones. Antigua's Ayuntamiento provided wreaths for the neighbours who passed away, as well as the unknown, most of which were people who died during their migration trip trying to access a better life. Antigua's cemetery is a welcoming, safe and accessible space for neighbours who come to pay their respects to their loved ones. Like every year, the Prayer for All Saints' Day took place in Antigua's cemetery, where the Ayuntamiento had prepared some chairs, a tent and sound equipment for the celebration of the Mass said by the Municipality's priest.