FMHOY - Fuerteventura

"Princess Ico"

A long, long tome ago, around the 14th century, Zonzamas was king of Lanzarote. Then, Martín Ruiz de Avendaño arrived on the island on a Spanish ship that initially wasn't welcomed by the islanders. However, Martín Ruiz de Avendaño had come in peace and both he and his crew gave them goods and presents in order to change the situation. After accepting this gesture of goodwill, Zonzamas offered for him to come and rest in his home in Acatife. Therefore, Martín Ruiz de Avendaño spent a few days with the king, the queen Fayna and their two sons. After a few days of rest, he left for the mainland again.


The birth of Ico

Nine months later, Ico was born: a beautiful girl with white skin and blond hair. Soon, rumours started because of her aspect, very different from her brothers and her parents, which made everyone question her origins. Time went on and as Ico grew strong and healthy, the king and queen died. The Guaires decided to proclaim her brother Timanfaya as king. A new era started, and as time passed, Guanareme fell in love with the beautiful Ico, who he married. A while later, ships from Biscay and Sevilla arrived on the coasts of Lanzarote searching for slaves and the islanders prepared to defend the island. Many islanders died during the fight, while others were captured and chained up in order to be sold as slaves on mainland Spain. Unfortunately, one of them was Timanfaya. As he no longer was on the island, the Guaires met together to search for a new monarch and it had to be Guanareme, husband and brother of Ico. However, proclaiming him king also meant to convert Ico into a queen, which they couldn't accept because of the doubts regarding the purity of her blood and her true origins. .

They only found one solution, to submit Ico to the smoke challenge. They would lock her up in a cave together with commoner women and fill the space with smoke. If Ico survived it would mean that her blood was of royal origin. The night before the challenge, Uga, Ico's nanny, went to see her to motivate her. When they were alone, she gave the princess a sponge and told her to put it in her mouth as she went into the cave. This would be the key to survive. She wasn't wrong. When they opened the cave, they found that all the other women were dead and Ico had survived. They never doubted of queen Ico ever again.