FMHOY - Fuerteventura

The shepherd's leap

The legend says that on the island of El Hierro there was a man called Ferinto. A bimbache who became the torment of Jean de Bethencourt and his army from the moment they landed on the island. They had come on a French boat with Spanish troops in order to invade the island and capture some slaves.


The elusive Ferinto

Until then, people lived freely on the island and people used to be livestock farmers or cultivated the land. Ferinto was carefree and enjoyed the freedom of his young age. But the news of the arrival of the Spanish troops quickly went around and soon, the population of El Hierro became nervous. Ferinto soon became the thorn in the side of the army of Jean de Bethencourt. He knew the land well and was very agile, he managed to escape the heavy and slow foreigners who had to carry heavy armour while chasing him. Ferinto knew that they would never catch him and lived happily and in the village, he was seen as their own Robin Hood. .


Ferinto was happy and the army was getting more and more nervous but someone from the tribe betrayed him and told Jean de Bethencourt where he was hiding and how to catch him. A troop of 200 strong men with weapons went to the cave where Ferinto was hiding in order to be done with this man who was holding them back in their conquest. The young man was awakened by the noise outside at this time in the morning and decided to look outside the entrance of the cave to see who was lurking around. Horrified, he saw the foreign troop that was slowly but surely coming in his direction. Ferinto decided to flee and started running until he reached a deep ravine close to Valverde. He looked for a place where he could safely jump. However, the troops were getting closer and closer.

The Guanche's leap

In desperation, he looked at the sky, he saw the clouds and the birds that were flying freely and he decided to jump. The first jump was a success and Ferinto was jumping around celebrating the fact that he had reached the other side of the ravine. However, the second battalion was waiting for him a few metres away. Sad and devastated, the young man knew that he had no way to escape and that he was going to die. He jumped into the void. During his jump, the legend says that his scream was so loud that his voice could be heard all over the island. They all knew that Ferinto had died and his mother sadly said: “My son was defeated”.