Julio. 2019

"Nice legs! Benefits of pressotherapy "

PPressotherapy is a treatment that uses air pressure with a massage to activate the lymphatic system in order to improve blood flow all over the body. The lymphatic system cleans and defends the organism, eliminates toxins, intestine contents and fats, it fights germs, infections and toxic substances.

Symphytum officinale



It stimulates the lymphatic system by generating lymphatic drainage in order to eliminate liquids, fats and toxins that are accumulated in the organism. The air pressure first breaks up the fat accumulations (the fat located in our legs and buttocks) and then flushes them with the rest of the accumulated liquids and toxins through the lymphatic system.

Pressotherapy has a wide number of applications in aesthetics such as:
treatment to eliminate fats and toxins
treatment to eliminate and reduce cellulitis
treatment to eliminate varicose veins
treatment for water retention
treatment for oedema and lymph-oedema
treatment for liposuction post-surgery