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La Oliva: a tripartite system
August. 2019 2.00

La Oliva: a tripartite system

"The population decided that we should get to an agreement with a sense of responsibility "

La Oliva has experienced some changes for this new term. In addition to Nueva Canarias and Coalición Canaria, Gana Fuerteventura has also joined them. This means that a tripartite system has been put in place, with people filled with enthusiasm to achieve the projects that are underway and find new solutions for the municipality. “The population has decided that we should get to an agreement, with a sense of responsibility in order to work in a unanimous manner and in the same direction”, comments Pilar González Segura, who recently integrated the ayuntamiento and who we managed to speak with for a few minutes. .

Could you please tell us a little bit about your experience in politics?

I was involved in politics for eight years between 2004 and 2012 as national deputy and for the past seven years I wasn't involved in politics. Then I decided to be an independent candidate within the coalition called “Gana Fuerteventura”. Since I was a child, I was brought up in politics at home and I decided that it was time to contribute to the municipality. I believe that politics is a service provided to society and we shouldn't forget about that when we take on a political activity. It is very clear to me that we only work for the public interest, not the private one.

How did this pact take place?

We are looking after eight sectors: urbanism, staff, interior system, social matters, tourism, commerce, neighbourhoods and cleaning. I think those eight sectors represent a lot of work and responsibility. Personally, I will dedicate myself to staff and urbanism, mostly on speeding up the procedures and building licences that at present suffer from many delays that need to be solved.

We know that there is a problem with the lack of technical staff and that it isn't possible to hire any because of the imposed limitations...

Indeed, we need to hire more technical staff and I will dedicate a lot of effort on that subject, although for the first few days I will be going from meeting to meeting in order to get up to speed with everything. We are still just starting. If you don't mind, further to this presentation for the population of the municipality, we will now continue with another representative of this pact and we take this opportunity to thank you for your time and wish you success in your next projects. We continue with Oliver González who represents Nueva Canarias in this tripartite system, although he started in this Ayuntamiento in 2011.

Please tell us about your extensive experience in this municipality...

I started as a councillor in charge of celebrations and youth in the first term, then I came back to be in charge of projects, services, mobile park, citizen safety, environment, suppliers and purchases. And at present, I look after projects, services, mobile park, citizen safety and beaches.

What can you tell us about your experience until now, with the previous team?

We have worked well together, it was decided to make a change for young people and we achieved great stability. We achieved very interesting projects and we think we had to continue with the pact that was made two years ago. They trusted me and I advised them as best as I could for two years, considering that I didn't come from the world of politics, and now the accounts are healthy and numerous projects have become reality. We showed people who voted for us that they were right. There are still many things to complete that couldn't be completed in two years. Many projects are just starting and we deserved to remain here to look after them and carry them out. Furthermore, I remain in this pact because Coalición Canaria got the most votes, and they even increased their number of councillors, and I believe that we should support what the majority wants because it was a democratic election. I had other options opened to me, we weren't looking for the majority and since we can continue in the same line of collaboration as we have so far, it seemed right to accept the invitation from Coalición Canaria.

And finally, we meet with the mayor Isaí Blanco. Not long ago, we met you and you were telling us about the numerous objectives you had achieved in only two years. What do you think of this new term with a tripartite system?

A few months ago, I was telling you that I would agree to keep on going with the same pact that we had then because we have been working in a professional manner and achieved great objectives. With the few current changes, I also hope that we can keep on carrying out our work in this new term and reach the goals that we had set out when we started two years ago. We have learned to remove our party labels and all work for La Oliva and we have worked towards the same goal with good chemistry. Pilar is the only new person to join in, as Marcelino had already been with us before and it worked that way, so I hope it will keep on working. We have worked hard, however, because of the slowness of the administration, some projects will only get completed in autumn or at the end of the year and we are fortunate to be able to be here to see them get completed. We hope to hire a lot of technical staff and see how everything will speed up and take shape.

We hope that you can achieve all your objectives and that the population will see the difference in the work achieved with this team and will appreciate it.