FMHOY - Fuerteventura

Casandra's tree

A maleficent legend that is still told amongst the population of Gran Canaria. It is the story of two 15-year-old teenagers who were madly in love: Casandra and Ivan. They had an idyllic relationship that was widely known. A very intimate friendship that brought them to spend hours and hours under a leafy tree. Those furtive encounters, of which everyone was aware, were branded as insane and anti-natural. Those comments got to the ears of Casandra's family who didn't approve of such a premature love either.


Incantation to the devil

The legend says that twins were born from this relationship. It is said that the young Casandra fell into an emotional crisis after giving birth or as a consequence of her own insecurities, which led her to fear to lose Ivan when she would get older or lose her beauty. Casandra appealed to the devil and made a pact with Satan that implied her twins. If she wanted to keep her youth and beauty for eternity, she had to sacrifice her twins and the tree that had been the witness of the love that united her and Ivan and where they surrendered to their passion. The young mother became insane and went to the tree where the two young people had spent so many happy moments. With the twins in her arms, Casandra was going to end their lives when, at the same moment, her beloved Ivan arrived. He leapt on Casandra and took away the twins to save their lives. He managed but he didn't recognise the person who he was madly in love with. In hatred, Casandra's lover tied her up to the tree and burned her as if she was a witch. The soul of the young woman stayed there forever, screaming in pain for the burns and for having tried to take her own children's life. Casandra's tree, that had been the scene of so much love in the past, is now in the centre of the island of Gran Canaria. The legend says that her unsettled soul still wanders and that sometimes we can hear the chains that Ivan used to tie her up on that fateful night.