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The island of San Borondón

Amongst the sayings and stories, there is a rumour about an eighth island that appears and disappears close to El Hierro. The mystery goes back to various centuries ago before cartography gave specific scientific data. They are the ones that started showing an eighth island on the maps, which was thought to have come away from the American continent. It can be seen between the sea of clouds from Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera.

The island of San Borondón

The origin of this imaginary island comes from an expedition carried out by an Irish monk called San Brandan. According to the legend, he was searching for the island of Felicidad (island of Joy) and during the 6th century, he scoured the Atlantic Ocean for seven years together with 17 monks with this unique objective. One day, during the crossing, they saw the outline of an island and as the Easter celebrations were approaching, they disembarked on the island to prepare and celebrate Easter. According to his tale, he arrived on a beach of black sand where the sun never shone and where the trees produced fruits in abundance. For the monk, San Borondón looked like paradise.

Nobody could have imagined what would happen the next day. When they prepared themselves to eat the meat they had prepared on this island, it started to shake and move. It was like a big fish that had developed vegetation and made it look like something it wasn't. The celebration ended and they all quickly went back to their boat to leave San Borondón as fast as possible. After they had escaped, they saw how this island was disappearing in the distance. For the Canaries, nowadays, it is a legend that has been adopted with enthusiasm and for the locals, it is an undeniable fact. Whatever the explanation, they say that an island keeps appearing and disappearing regularly in front of the other island. Could it be the island of San Borondón?