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"The Tourism Board presents the 2018 Awards in Gran Tarajal "

Fuerteventura's tourism family celebrated in October its great celebration of the Tourism Awards for 2018. This year Gran Tarajal was hosting the ceremony where the Tourism Board has been rewarding for years personalities and groups whose work has helped the island's main source of income.

Gran Tarajal travelled to the 40's thanks to the stage director, Israel Reyes. Reyes' team recreated the Gran Tarajal of the middle of the 20th century, during the times of the zafra and the tomato packing. Those were times when the island and the municipality of Tuineje, in particular, hadn't yet jumped on the tourism wagon which was demonstrated with scenes of Gran Tarajal's harbour of the time. One of the most emotional moments was the ceremony when awards were presented to Juan Umpiérrez, owner of boats that transported tomatoes, to Sebastián Mayor, whose course was also linked to the harbour and to a group of women who worked decades ago as tomato packers.


Fuerteventura's Cabildo's president, Marcial Morales, congratulated the persons rewarded and thanked the Ayuntamiento, Tuineje's population and from Gran Tarajal in particular, for hosting this important event. The deputy president and Tourism Councillor of the island's Cabildo, Blas Acosta, congratulated and thanked the person rewarded for their implication, thanks to their occupation, with the island's tourism and indicated that in order to be competitive “we have to re-qualify the island's tourism, otherwise, the improvement plans will be impossible to achieve”. Blas Acosta also sent a message of reassurance to the sector further to the recovery of the competition such as the Turkish and Egyptian markets that created forecasts of decrease for tourism in the Canaries. According to the Cabildo's Deputy President “the decrease won't be as drastic for the island as some feared”. The awards' gala included musical participants such as Santiago Marrero, Domingo Saavedra, Claudia Rodríguez, Compañía Pieles the singers Isaac and Casche from Romantic Music, the violinist Marilina Dobreva, and nine children violinists and extras from the municipality.


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Nov, 2018The Tourism Board presents the 2018 Awards in Gran Tarajal

Fuerteventura's tourism family celebrated in October its great celebration of the Tourism Awards for 2018. This year [...]