Local News Fuerteventura

The Cabildo organises a demonstration of the Pelotamano game in the Fair Ground of Pozo Negro

A group of students from the Pelotamano Workshop of Fuerteventura's cabildo participated in the IV pelotamano Encounter of Fuerteventura that was organised during the Feaga fair of Fuerteventura in order to promote the technique of this discipline. The Pelotamano workshop is part of the programme of promotion of traditional sports and games called “No Olvides lo Nuestro” (Don't forget what is ours). The Pelotamano game consists in throwing back a small leather ball (pelota) of about 45 to 57 centimetres in diameter and weighing about 50 grammes when it is thrown by the opposing team and before it bounces twice on the ground. Players use their hand (mano) or their foot. A particular element of the game is the “bote” which a kind of wooden stand that is used to bounce the ball on before throwing it.