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The Dictionary of Canarian toponymy is presented at the RAE: Los guanchismos
01/2019 2.00

The Dictionary of Canarian toponymy is presented at the RAE: Los guanchismos

The Spanish Royal Academy of Madrid (RAE) was the venue for the presentation of the Dictionary of Canarian toponymy: Los guanchismos (of Guanche origin), by Maximiano Trapero, professor of Spanish Philology and Emeritus Professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and winner of the Canarian Prize of Historical heritage 2017. The Dictionary is published by the Idea Editions and sponsored by the Cultural heritage department and the prologue was written by the Language Professor, Pedro Álvarez de Miranda. It consists of three volumes with a total of 2.500 pages that analyse around 4.500 toponyms of Guanche origin, most of which are still being used. The presentation of this Dictionary of Canarian Toponymy: Los guanchismos at the Spanish Royal Academy, the highest Spanish language institution, in the presence of its director and deputy president of the Canarian Government, shows the greatest recognition for a part of the Canarian dictionary, that never gets mentioned in the history of the Spanish language, but is as pan-Hispanic as some pre-Roman toponyms can be on Mainland Spain or pre-Columbian names from America. Indeed, various words of Guanche origin appear in the Spanish language dictionary although it is not actually said about their origin. We should point out that there are three types of information systematically contained in each lexicographical article in this dictionary of ''guanchismos'': geography, saying which type of accident or accidents names each toponym, as well as the exact location on each island and its relation to the corresponding municipality; history, in case the toponym has historical records, which could be related to an action during the conquest or an event related but later; linguistic, aiming at giving in each case a philological interpretation to the name, when there are elements that allow this interpretation to be made.


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January 2019The Dictionary of Canarian toponymy is presented at the RAE: Los guanchismos

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