Tesejerague elects the best specimens during the II Morphology Contest of Goat Livestock

The Livestock Fair organised by the Melindraga Association took place during the San José celebrations in Tesejerague with the collaboration of the Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing Council of Tuineje's Ayuntamiento. In addition to the exhibition, the second edition of the Morphology Contest of Goat Livestock was organised with the best specimens from all over the island. The Association of Goat Breeders from Fuerteventura presented the three prizes in the adult male modality to the livestock farm of Juairisa SL; in the young male category, the first and second prizes went to Antonio Cabrera and the third prize to Pablo Rodríguez; in the female category, the first prize went to María Belén Ramírez, the second to Juairisa SL and the third to Julián Pérez; finally, in the adult goat or morphology category, the first and third prizes went to María Belén Ramírez and the second and fourth prizes to Pablo Rodríguez. The festivities' committee thanked all the livestock farmers who participated in the fair with other animals such as sheep and ewes, who didn't participate in the contest, but who have helped this Livestock Fair of Tesejerague to become one of the most important ones in Fuerteventura.