Puerto del Rosario keeps on working on the urban gardens

The Ayuntamiento with the Environment Council keeps on working actively with environment associations. Recently, a visit to the urban gardens of the capital was organised with technicians who explained about the progress made and programmes that are underway. Meetings have been held with the association AVANFUER who work on bringing awareness about the environment and provide technical training in the gardens. There are workshops for adults, school children, etc. Their tasks also include collecting seeds, making nests for birds or developing permaculture where ecological products are grown without the use of pesticides.


Roadwork in the street Ramiro de Maeztu

The Ayuntamiento has announced that the company looking after the work carried out in Calle Ramiro de Maeztu has been granted an additional 22 days to complete the work, at their request. This means that the work will be completed at the beginning of September. The reason for this extension is to adapt the work to the network and pipework of the area, in order to complete the work in a satisfactory manner and provide a quality service to the population of the municipality.