Aida Le Pesqueur, Margarita Bethencourt and Inés Nájera – Organisers of CONSCIENTIS - Fuerteventura

“We work on conscience and enlightenment: we don't want to promote solely, but we want to leave a print and impact the space and environment”

FMHOY - Fuerteventura

WHO'S WHO IN THE ISLANDWe should highlight Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May in our diaries in order not to forget to attend the CONSCIENTIS Festival. The organisers of this festival are three women: Inés Nájera, Margarita Bethencourt and Aida Le Pesqueur and they share a very clear idea: “promote the transition towards a more durable and healthy present”, and this is why they have put their heads together and created this festival that promises to be filled with novelties and new ideas. The park of La Gavia de los Hormiga, in the neighbourhood of El Charco in Puerto del Rosario, the location of the CONSCIENTIS, will undergo great aesthetics changes for the occasion.

Tell us more Inés…

There will be a tent for the conferences on the four bases of the festival that are: conscious food, respect for animals, emotional wellbeing and durable actions. National and local speakers will participate and talk about each theme.

There will also be an adequate area for show cooking, where three chefs from various locations will animate free workshops so that the public can discover what conscious food consists of.

Another area will be prepared for children that will propose various activities thanks to the collaboration with other associations, such as storytelling, meditation for children and demonstrations of Tibetan bowls.

Also, together with Avanfuer, we will propose free guided visits of the ecological urban gardens with a training course for people interested in that subject with the agronomist engineer Lidia Castañeda.

The festival will also include a Finger food area where all the food on offer will be free of animal-based products, it will be very varied and cheap so that people can taste the cooking possibilities in this type of diet. An exhibition and Master Class on corporal therapies will also be available where the public will be able to participate for Taichí, Chi Kung, Chi Now, which is a contemporary dance, belly dance, etc.

As the park is a bit small for the festival, a bit further down, in Los Colorines school, we will organise some workshops that require more silence. One of the speakers, José Antonio Manchado, will present a book called “Estas enfermo ¡Enhorabuena!” (You're sick, congratulations!) and will also propose guided meditations with Tibetan bowls and a Gong bath. Bernard Pras, a French artist, sculptor and painter will astonish us with one of his creations made with recycled products.

What makes this festival different from others, Margarita? We work on conscience and enlightenment, we don't want to promote solely, but we want to have an impact on the environment. We joined forces with the Ayuntamiento, with the Council of Parks and Gardens and of Public Health and with a private business in order to coordinate an intervention in this park because it is abandoned whereas it is the largest one in Puerto del Rosario.

With the private business, we are going to reintroduce vegetation and create a shaded area, which neighbours have been asking for. The ayuntamiento will create an area for dogs and the week before, they will work on the walls of the park.

This will contribute to bringing life back into this place.

We inspired ourselves on a project called Mestura that some architects created with the idea of creating communities with spirit. And how did this idea come around?

It appeared because we are all interested in health and in the relationship between personal health, animal health and that of the planet. We have always organised small things. When we met Aida who owns a vegetarian restaurant in Corralejo, the idea started taking shape and Inés was the one who materialised the event.

Where is your vegetarian restaurant, Aida?

In the centre of Corralejo; it has been opened for seven months only, in the street Almirante Nelson at n°3, but I have experience from another restaurant I had for various years in Cologne in Germany, which was very successful and this is where my recipes come from. We invite you to get more information on our webpage www.conscientis.com, especially to register for some events that have limited spaces.

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