Alfonso Girón - Director of the Hotel Barceló Castillo Beach Resort

“We have a large team in each sector, which makes our work easier”

FMHOY - Fuerteventura

WHO'S WHO IN THE ISLANDThe great resort Barceló Castillo Beach Resort in El Castillo has a new director, a young man who has experience with this company that has taken over the management of a hotel with various offers, both in gastronomy and leisure.

He is Asturian originally and has worked for the Barceló Hotel Group since 2013.

Have you always worked in the Canaries with this group?

Yes, I started in Gran Canaria with the Barceló group and then they sent me to Fuerteventura, first in the area of Jandia as deputy director and then I managed the Hotel Barceló Corralejo Bay and opened the Barceló Corralejo Sands, in the north of the island.

Have you worked for a long time in the hotel industry?

I have worked in hotels for the past 18 years. I studied tourism in Asturias and then I studied in Great Britain where I stayed for 5 years. In order to complete my studies, I did a Master at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid (IE). Is this new position very different? The product is different.

In Corralejo, with the two hotels there was a total of 400 rooms, here there are 480 of them. But it isn't so much the difference in rooms, but we accommodate many families and children and there is also all the offer on the Harbour that is an additional attraction. There are many points of sale, which is unusual in a hotel. The offer on the Harbour attracts many people from outside the hotel, both residents and tourists from other locations...

Do you like the change and this new stage?

I feel very grateful because the company trusts me to take over this new challenge and I hope I can add my touch for the improvement and development of the Resort. We should not forget that a few years ago this was a standard apart hotel that has evolved a lot in very little time. Thanks to the investment made by the company and the know-how of the previous directors, it has now become a four-star hotel that provides a good product. We also offer the Barceló Castillo Royal Level that consists of 70 rooms, which feels like we are managing two hotels.

On one side we have the Castillo Beach bungalows that consist of four-star hotel accommodation and then we have the 70 Royal Level rooms that enjoy different services such as a private swimming pool, independent restaurants and bars.

Are those seventy rooms for families also or for adults only?

They are family rooms as well, children are admitted. What will be your personal touch for this new directorship? Mostly to take care of the quality of the service and keep on making renovations in order to carry on improving. We have just inaugurated a new mini-club for children.

We hope to be able to open it soon to the local public as well so that we don't provide a service only to the hotel clients so that their children can be entertained for a while. We have projects planned regarding infrastructures, we still have space to create some very interesting things and we hope to be able to carry out some work over the next few months.

Is it complicated to manage such a big hotel with so many services?

Luckily we have a great work team in every sector, which makes our work easier. However, it does take a lot of time and dedication. But I like my job and this is the essential reason why I can dedicate so much time to it.

For sure it is definitely not boring…

In that respect, it is marvellous because we have so many different themes and no two days are alike.

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