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Janira Lourdes Domínguez – Councillor of the department of Equality at Fuerteventura's Cabildo

We must become aware of the fact that equality is an everyday thing and that gender violence must disappear

FMHOY - Fuerteventura

WHO'S WHO IN THE ISLANDThe Council for Equality was created not long ago and Janira Lourdes Domínguez Herrera is in charge of it. She is a young woman, both in politics and for her age, and we like her enthusiasm to leave her mark by working hard for it.

How long has this Council existed at the Cabildo?

The department of Equality was created this term from the Department of Social Wellbeing and it became an independent council. Its background wasn't quite tangible as it had been included within another department.

You are, therefore, the first councillor in this sector?

That's correct, we had to start from scratch with the advantages and disadvantages that it involves and without a dedicated budget. We are still waiting to get administrative and technical staff dedicated to this council. We aim to keep on treating the department of equality in an independent manner and not include it in other councils.

We started by creating a structure during the first few months because it is a very transversal area, that needs to work with other councils. We are in a process of raising awareness amongst our other colleagues. We deal more with some areas than others, like for example youth, education, new technologies, sports, etc., but all in all, I feel quite welcome. It seems that equality is very closely related to training... Yes, indeed, it is closely related to associationism, because equality can't be treated only on an administrative level, we must bring it to society and the best way is through associations.

Can you tell us about your achievements during this term?

We have worked a lot on training, by providing courses all over the island, such as non sexist language workshops and on an administration point of view, with a perspective of gender for the training in statuses, as well as training in sports that took place in May and prevention by working in areas of techno-addiction, awareness and visualisation of women in different areas and associations, by organising conferences in various specific workshops.

And where do those chats and conferences take place?

In auditoriums all over the island, we concentrate on students. In some areas like in La Oliva, we also use the Cultural Centre and the Elders' Centre in Antigua and also the youth classrooms in Morro Jable. Various associations help us and they tend to have specific professionals to that effect. We have noticed a campaign of posters in the streets to raise awareness about the different types of violence.

The Central Government gives resources to the Canarian Institute of Equality that has launched the campaigns we have witnessed. The Canarian Institute of Equality has concentrated its efforts especially on youth because we have noticed a rise amongst young people of a new type of gender violence that didn't exist before. We must ensure that the 8th March isn't just a day of vindication, we must raise awareness that equality is an everyday thing and that gender violence must disappear in all its shapes. We need a law on equality that young generations grow up with from their youngest age so that they take it as something that is natural. There is a lot of work to do and we hope that with all the vitality of your youth, you will achieve all your goals.

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