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From the trend of the theme bars to the appearance of new varieties, cereals are not limited to breakfast.

Cereal defend their properties

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The history of cereals goes back to Ancient Rome when fighters used to risk their lives in the arena and it was believed that their diet was based on meat. However, a study from the Medical University of Vienna has demonstrated that most men were vegetarians and that their diet was based on grains such as barley and wheat. Now, the trend is to eat cereals of all different kinds and the more properties they have, the better it is. Furthermore, having a bowl of milk with cereals like in American movies for breakfast is more in fashion than ever.

New cereals

There are many different types of cereals, but amongst them, we should point out the Tritordeum that was developed by the Superior Centre of Scientific Research. It is the first and unique cereal not genetically modified, a lot easier to digest than wheat because of its low levels in proteins of gluten that cause intolerance. Tritordeum is a combination of hard wheat and wild barley that has been introduced into the human diet. Other health benefits include the fact that it contains ten times more lutein, an antioxidant pigment that is good for ocular health and the protection of the skin against UVA rays or premature ageing. On the other hand, ancient cereals are also in the trend as they contain more antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is the case with fonio that has been an essential element of the diet in Africa and that tastes delicious. Furthermore, experts in the kitchen point out its adaptability in a multitude of dishes. The fonio grains include original breeds of wheat such as Einkorn wheat, Spelt or farro and other that are gluten-free like millet, amaranth or quinoa.

Gluten-free cereals

It is the class of grain that people who are gluten intolerant can eat and they are an excellent source of energy. There are many more types than rice, such as farro, a cereal that is rich in fibre, protein, magnesium and B vitamins. Ancient Egyptians used it to elaborate bread and beer. Although kamut is very popular lately, it is one of the oldest cereals we know of. It can be eaten inflated, as flakes, as flour or as grains to make bulgur. Amongst its properties, it is easy to digest and rich in proteins, fatty acids and minerals. Quinoa is a pseudocereal, it doesn't contain any gluten, it is rich in fibre, minerals and is a source of complete proteins. Its grains are covered with a sour flavour called saponin that protects them against birds and the sun.

Cereal bars

The new trend related to cereals is the exclusive bars. They are specialised bars where the menu contains nothing else than what you need to fill a bowl. It is not only for the morning though, they are open all day long and you can take for lunch or dinner what you would have for breakfast. It first started in the United States and then was a triumph in England. It is now available in cities in Spain where we find bars that propose the well known Apple Jacks or Cheerios

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